Who is pulp?

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Your favourite student publication is set for another year full of campus news, student opinions, uni culture and everything else that you never thought you need to know. Staffed with additional horsepower and a trusted bunch of contributors, we won’t let anything go this year.

An outstanding (or abysmal) performance in any of the student reviews? We see it.

Egomaniacal student politicans gone wild? We cover it.

Excellent and cheap food around campus? We tasted it.

(L-R): Noah, Sandra & Bianka, PULP Editors for 2018

(L-R): Noah, Sandra & Bianka, PULP Editors for 2018

This year, you can expect the usual – and more. We’ll push video content, live twitter, postgraduate and international student issues and we’ll give you not only our words, but also our voice. That’s right. Podcasts will be a thing in 2018.

As it is, we can’t do all of this without you. Have you heard something? Tell us. Did you see something? Tell us. Did you smell something? Have a shower.

Do you want to say it yourself? Pitch to us.

Oh, and to the right is your team for the year (we look hungover but we swear it's just nerves)