Quote of the Week #7

By Sandra Buol - Editor

“I've got nothing against the Aboriginal people but I'm sick and tired of being made to feel as if I'm a second-class citizen in my own country. I am Indigenous as far as I'm concerned. I was born here this is my country as much as anyone else.”

Can you guess? Yes, it’s Pauline Hanson. Sky News, 06/04/2018

Pauline Hanson took the chance to voice her “criticism” about the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, saying the 20-minutes part that featured Aboriginal culture was “was disgusting, absolutely disgusting.”
It seems Ms Hanson had difficulty to understand what the indigenous artist Mau Power was rapping about. She probably also doesn’t like Eminem, considering he’s not black. 
Rapping Aboriginal folk seems unimaginable for Hanson – but she also doesn’t like when they stick to more traditional approaches to music. The performance of didgeridoo player William Barton – nota bene a musician who was artist-in-residence with a symphony orchestra – was not her cup of tea.
Once given the opportunity, she also had to comment upon the amount of money spent on indigenous welfare, accusing people to claim Aboriginality to cash in welfare checks.
Also: she claims her statements have nothing to do with racism. All she wants is equality for all. Maybe just a little bit more for the white folks.
The poor woman. It must be very, very hard to constantly feel threatened by 2.8% of the population.
PS: English is not my first language (not even my second). But I somehow have no problems to understand the man. Listen to Mau Power’s “My Blood My People”. And if rap is not your thing – fair – check out how the didgeridoo meets the orchestra.

Pulp Editors