Quote of the Week #6

By Sandra Buol - Editor

“It’s tough for me to talk about where my thought space was on that day given the circumstances that happened in Durban.”

David Warner, former vice-captain of the Australia national cricket team, 31/3/2018

With the “circumstances that happened in Durban” cricketer Warner means the fact that a former affair of his wife – that happened well before they were married – was used to mock the player on and off the field of the Test series between Australia and South Africa.

Take that. A woman has some fun with a man and because they’re both sort of high-profile sport figures, it gets captured on a shaky mobile phone picture. More than ten years later, her now husband – who should know a thing or two about mental pressure – let’s himself be teased by a few people and claims that he and his family had to “go through hell” in South Africa.
Meanwhile, he hatches a plan that publicly misfires and leads to the biggest scandal in recent cricket history.
He apologises tearfully. He then gets asked what impact the incidents about his wife might have had on his role as mastermind behind the tampering-scandal.
This lead to another tearful exclamation by Warner’s wife Candice: “I feel like it’s all my fault and it’s killing me — it’s absolutely killing me.”
No woman. It’s not your fault.
Maybe people should stop looking for excuses.

Pulp Editors