Imogen Grant to be elected as 90th President of the SRC


Imogen Grant has been elected President of the SRC, achieving 1177 votes, or 33% of first preference vote. 
Overcoming 17 tickets being excluded following a failure to submit documentation on time, Grant’s victory ensured that Brendan Ma would not become the first member of the Liberal party to hold the presidential office.
A healthy preference flow from excluded candidate Bella Pytka (SLS/Labor) buoyed Grant to a victory over Brendan Ma (Mod Lib).
Heat for Honi were victorious in the Honi Soit election, and will edit the magazine in 2018. Heat polled 63% of the vote, while Mint polled 37%. Mint announced at the start of the week that they would withdraw from the race following an endorsement of a homophobic comment from one of their candidates. Despite this announcement, they did not formally withdraw.
Pulp will have further election analysis tomorrow.

Pulp Editors