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A Queer & A Non-Queer Review Queer Revue

A Queer & A Non-Queer Review Queer Revue

By Haydn Hickson & Esther Shim

H: So… what did we think?

E: Incredible.

H: Right?

E: So good. Can we talk about that through-line?

H: To be honest, I was so excited before I even walked into the Reginald Theatre. Those Dead Bi Morning profile pictures were not only chic but brought out the Agatha Christie STAN in me.

E: Hahahaha, did it meet your expectations?

H: Exceeded by far. The costuming, the choreography, the characterisation… It all accumulated in one fantastic banger of an opening number.

E: Can’t forget about the band! They absolutely killed it (pardon the pun). I loved the opening number too, but at times, it felt a little bit cramped on stage with all those bodies.

H: True.

E: Having said that, I thought the way the cast were divided up between the “main characters” and “secondary characters” across the scenes of throughline was genius.

H: Could. Not. Agree. More. The concept was just so clever, I loved what they did with those scenes - really felt like everyone got to have their moment to shine, you know?

E: For sure. What were your favourite sketches?

H: Well as someone who’s exhausted the “LGBTQI+ Movies” section of Netflix, my favourite sketch was “Movie Night” (Caitriona Lunn, Misha Campbell). It was just suuuuch a mood.

E: God that was funny. I literally hadn’t even thought about it.

H: OMG and “Inspector Seuss” (Sean Landis, Jess Snelleman, Emilia McGrath, Finn Bryson) was incredible too, special shout out to Finn for literally making me gag. What about you? Did you have any favourites?

E: I loved “They As A Singular Pronoun” (Bee Wardaugh, Sean Landis, Misha Campbell, Henry Hulme and Finn Bryson). I thought it struck the perfect balance of hilarious but also shed light on important queer issues. Also, “J.K. Rowling Presents” (led by Nina Mountford with a guest appearance from the stage crew; Juliet Hodgson, Thomas Goossens and Campbell Watson) and the “Shakespeare Sonnet Discovery” (Luke West, Finn Bryson and Adam Torres) went off!

H: OMG, I went on the night that they had some technical difficulties and the lighting person brought the lights down mid-scene. It was hilarious. Adam Torres is such a scene stealer. I think though, “Shakespeare Sonnet Discovery” and even to an extent the “Scarlett Johansson” (Dani Maher, Rosie Grace and Adam Torres) sketch were examples of incredible concepts, but the execution sometimes went on for a little bit too long. Nonetheless, I was constantly entertained for the whole 2 hours, so no damage done.

E: Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. Adam was such a delight, in both of those sketches. Did you notice any stand out performers besides him?

H: Not gonna lie, the entire cast blew me away. Not a single weak performer in that bunch. I felt like everyone had so much character from the second they got on stage ‘til the second they got off.

E: Right? Like, even when people played a character that took the backseat, they still came out with 100% energy and conviction.

H: But, if you back me into a corner, I have to give a shout out to Dani Maher. I thought she was SO funny and really captured the audiences when she was playing “The Victim”. What about you? Who was a stand out?

E: Emilia McGrath!

H: Oh YES.

E: She was so versatile. I laughed out loud in “I Love You, Bro.” Dani and Emilia’s characterisation was so believable.

H: Emilia was out of this world, there’s something about her presence that’s so captivating.

E: Not to mention her angelic voice showcased in “Bi Necessities.”

H: Yes, shout out to Caitriona and Maddy Briggs for bringing that one to life too!

E: And, I have to mention, Rosie Grace for bringing so much sass and energy to the stage.

H: Speaking of energy, Nick Forbutt must have skulled some Red Bull backstage for that performance in “Line Please” (with Phoebe Russell).

E: I hope the after-party had a little more than Red Bull, because they sure did deserve it! I was so impressed by the whole performance, it was thoughtful, it was tight and it had the best energy.

H: Agreed. The directors (Ruby Innes, Aidy Magro, Chloe Farrington) should be so proud. Cheers to Queer Revue! What a time.

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