Everyone Loves a Heist

Words by Llewellyn Horgan

This episode mostly comprised of Jimmy and Kim pulling off a very successful, very amusing and quite illegal scheme on the local Albuquerque court in order to help Huell avoid having to do jail time. As far as schemes go, this one is particularly complicated – involving a bus trip to Coushatta, Louisiana; bags and bags of letters; a $400-an-hour legal team; and about 80 burner phones. It all goes very well.

Kim and Jimmy rekindle the spark in their relationship, and Kim finds herself itching to commit more scams just when Jimmy is reassuring her (and himself) that they’ll never do anything like that again. It seems as though Kim may have finally realized that the straight and narrow doesn’t suit her as well as she would like it to. Will this end well? Probably not… Still, this episode only showed the dizzying highs, so I’m looking forward to the sickening lows. Both extremes are pretty entertaining, really.

In other plots, the 8-month time jump has treated Nacho well – he has recovered from being shot and is now in a steady form of employment: brutalizing drug dealers who come up short. Its good honest work but Nacho isn’t satisfied, probably because he recognizes the fact his position is fairly precarious in that he is now little more but a plant for Gus. Even though he is living in a pretty cool art-deco mansion with two pleasant enough drug-addicted women, it probably isn’t worth the risk of immanent murder. Understandable really. We get a feel of his desire for a change when we see that he has Canadian passports ready for himself and his poor old father. It’s good to see to see that he has a plan, but it may not work for him, considering by the end of the episode another Salamanca by the name of Lalo has appeared – a name that diehard Breaking Bad fans may recognize (or at least fans who have access to Google – so I assume most of you).

Underground, Mike’s plot continues to drag, as the superlab continues its slow construction – quite behind schedule. This week Mike takes a bunch of Germans engineers to a strip club to unwind so they are reinvigorated in their building of an illegal meth lab, which is not a plot that anyone really wanted to see come to life, not even in the darkest Breaking Bad fanfiction. This plot did not work for me, and just seems so boring and trite. Good thing it wasn’t a major feature in the episode.

Still, on a whole things are rolling along. Bring on the inevitable downfall!

Pulp Editors