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Review: “Two Girls One Show” (the first show of two)

Review: “Two Girls One Show” (the first show of two)

Words by Steff Leinasars

Do you like to discuss conspiracy theories in bed? “Two Girls One Show” has you covered. Jenna Ray and Harriet Jane bring an interesting mix of seductive cabaret and pseudoscience to the Sydney Fringe Festival which will leave you feeling oddly aroused and educated at the same time.


I never knew fixing up a comforter could be so entertaining, but Jenna took making the bed to a whole new level. With an amazing band to back her, Jenna sings her heart out in a way that will move you in so many ways. What struck out the most to me were the raw expressions on Jenna’s face during the entire performance – confidence exuding and inspirational. I’ve gone away with the knowledge of how to get that fucking comforter into the sheet thing but also how corrupt our government is.


Their first solo debut on the big stage didn’t disappoint – Harriet graced the stage in what I can only describe as The Best Outfit to ever exist and her hundreds of pages of notes. For 25 minutes, the Professor of debunking conspiracy theories discussed in great detail about why you should always fucking fact check. I don’t want to give too much away, but Harriet’s show is definitely something you’ll want to stay until the very end for.

Under The Covers
Jenna Ray pulls back the covers to reveal all the things that happen under them: naughty, nice, cheeky, thoughtful and gritty – nothing is sacred in this show that culminates in a raw and playful portrait of what we’re really like when we’re alone in bed. 

Planar Terrology 101 presented by (self-appointed) Prof. Harriet Jane
With the expanse of the internet, the ever-evolving world of conspiracy theories has blossomed in the 21st century, from Flat Earthers to Reptilian Humanoids and everything in between. Join Harriet as she takes a dive into the funny, bizarre and often dark world of pseudoscience, antisemitism, and conspiracies.

Two Girls One Show is a must-see for this Fringe season, with good banter, an amazing atmosphere and two of the most promising young creatives to combine some obscure shit together and somehow make it work.


You can see their final show as a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival on September 20th - 9:45pm at The Newsagency. Tickets are $15 concession or $20 GA.

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