REVIEW: Science Revue

Words by Mia Castagnone

As soon as the opening musical number – featuring the scientist Schrödinger – sounded through the York Theatre, not only did the central parody of the show get its introduction, but the stage came alive with energy and enthusiasm of the revue crew. Spirited dancers and outstanding singers, a fine-tuned orchestra and plenty of fast and witty sketches were all features of the 2018 Science Revue “Schrödingers’s Deal And No Deal.” And if you’re worried a background in science is needed to enjoy the show – fear not! I immediately had a pleasant surprise that I would not be googling gags afterwards, as this revue packs jokes that are universal and stellar performances that many would enjoy!

The colourful, bright and highly talented crew gave a strong sense of thematic consistency throughout the show. Directors Luke Tisher and Jestika Chand made a notable effort to reach a broad scope of current topics – from allusions to Australian and U.S. politics to issues such as gay pride, gender equality and family relationships – all staged through clever ironies and sharp, fast gags. That’s not saying that science-related puns were not present, but when they did arise, they were at least easy to pick up on.

It was refreshing to see many gags seamlessly flipping stereotypical gender roles. Parody pieces represented trivial youth concerns like finding a seat on the bus, being on your L’s, and long nights spent cramming for exams. These relatable and ingenious pieces became some of the show’s highlights. My personal favourite skit was a melodramatic love story between two magnets, ‘Magneta’ and ‘Positivo’. The live orchestra also deserves a special mention for its effortless performance. Another personal favourite was seeing one member of the orchestra perform 2 trombones, 2 trumpets and a tuba all at once – a feat which can only be explained by seeing the show yourself!

While there is much to be praised, at times it felt like some of the gags fell short of anything besides dry. Many were two-dimensional, making the show feel repetitive and drawn out, with quantity taking over quality. The brilliant song selection that breaks up each skit at times was better than the skits themselves.

However, all-in-all, don’t let the ‘science’ part of this Revue ward you off from seeing “Schrödinger’s Deal And No Deal!” What you will receive are several well-rehearsed skits, impressive dance and song showcases and a lot of relatable moments. Although rusty around the edges like any student production, the Science Revue is well worth a night out.


Schrödinger’s Deal And No Deal: Thursday, August 30th - Saturday, September 1st, 7 pm, York Theatre, Seymour Centre
ACCESS $16 | Student $20 | Adult $25

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