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Thank you to The V Team! 

National Volunteer Week is a time when non-profits that rely on volunteers collectively take the time to celebrate and thank their volunteers. This year is the 25th anniversary of National Volunteer Week and Australia will be celebrating the 6 million people who generously volunteer their time to a cause.

Without volunteers, the USU simply would not be able to put on so many awesome events, festivals and programs. This week, we're saying thank you to the students who so generously contribute their time, energy and expertise to help make USU events happen.

Here’s what some of our V Team volunteers have said about their experience:

Natascha Vale, O-Week, Interfaith Week, Health & Wellbeing Week, International Festival “I have loved how being on The V Team feels like being part of an instant family - something bigger than my mostly solitary university life (study, work, sleep, repeat!). O-Week was definitely a highlight for me, in all of its three-day 9-5am madness! I met some amazing like-minded volunteers, talked to literally hundreds of students about the USU, ACCESS and The V-Team - and have made friends for life!”

Sophie Kazda, FUNCH, Starlight Day “So far my highlight of volunteering was Starlight Day on 2 May. It was immensely gratifying to do something worthwhile for others. When I joined The V Team, all I expected was something to put on my resume but instead I'm learning life lessons and gaining valuable insights while having fun.”

Charmy Choe, International Student Day Trips “During the tours, I met a lot of new faces - people I have bumped into during my years at USYD as well as students who have embarked on a journey to start their educational lives in Sydney. We exchanged a lot of cultural differences between all different countries. We shared a lot of laughs to the extent that my belly hurt. It didn't seem like I was volunteering, but rather seemed like I immersed myself with close friends.”

Tessa Pase, School Tutoring Program “The last tutoring session I had with my student was a highlight of my time with The V Team. The week before, we went through his homework and, when I saw him the next time, he was a lot more confident with the work and in his abilities. It was incredibly rewarding.”

Luke Campbell, Interfaith Week, Health & Wellbeing Week, International Festival “I've enjoyed being part of a very friendly team, meeting lots of new faces with each passing event. It’s a great feeling to know you’re helping with events that enrich the university experience and help foster a closer student community.”

Phillip Kapeleris, International Student Day Trips, Interfaith Week “Being able to help students settle in to a new city (and a new university) which is a world away from their own really resonated with me. Meeting and volunteering with other V Team vollys has been a highlight too. They are all fun, genuine people.”

Andrew Wong, School Tutoring Program “I really enjoy being able to help my high school student to improve in his ability and understanding of math. It gives me joy when I see him having 'light bulb' moments and being able to do the questions and tasks that I set him. It has also been great getting to know my student personally – to know what he likes doing at school and what his aspirations are when he leaves.”

Elisha Prajwal, O-Week, Interfaith Week, Health & Wellbeing Week, USU Women’s Program, International Festival, Starlight Day "One great thing about The V Team is that it's so multicultural, with students coming from diverse backgrounds who share similar interests in volunteering. This has created a wonderful interactive environment for both learning and sharing, on an individual as well as volunteering forefront."

Update from the University of Sydney Union Regarding Faith Declarations in the C&S Program

Update from the University of Sydney Union Regarding Faith Declarations in the C&S Program