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PULP RANKED: Top 10 Places to Gram on Campus

PULP RANKED: Top 10 Places to Gram on Campus

Whether you’re looking for a way to announce your brand new degree or looking for something alty to break up your grid, allow me to break down the top 10 places to get the perfect Instagram on campus.

10. In a Classroom - Studying at the University of Sydney, more often than not, means you’re running into famous people. So if you spot a familiar face. Snap it. Filter it. Post it. 


9. On a Bike, Outside ABS - Now more than ever, we really need to stan the environment. There’s literally no better way to announce to your followers that you’re a responsible person than posing a photo of yourself on a bike in front of a modern masterpiece. Woke architects are shaking! 


8. Outside New Law - Do you need a way to tell people that you study law that doesn’t involve RM’s and Country Road chinos? Don’t worry, nothing says “I study law” more than the iconic combination of stainless steel and asymmetrical grass. Come through law!


7. On the Oval - Need to look more approachable on Instagram? Nothing says “Hey, I’m a down to earth person,” than a laughing, candid shot on the grass. Bird Box is cool? More like Birds-eye view is cool. 


6. Inside the Quad - Graduate realness! This one is a staple for those holding a diploma and funny looking hat. But, for those who aren’t graduating yet, don’t worry, just borrow your mates stuff for a pic! Your followers won’t know the difference! 


5. The Room Next to Courtyard (The Bevery) - Have you ever rocked up to university in an outfit that was low key too good for uni? I have. Don’t taint your chicness with dirty bricks and antiquated signs! Opt for this gorgeous, nostalgic, leather lounge in an (usually empty) room!

4. The White Wall Outside Elliot Miller Studio - Are you looking to do your next MUSE / SUDS headshot on a budget? Have no fear! All you need is a good amount of sunlight, Portrait mode and this iconic white wall. Oh, and Elliot Ulm Graphic Design... 


3. ABS Staircase - For all of you film photographers; this one’s for you. An Instagram of this iconic staircase belongs on your grid AND Tumblr. A filter would almost be TOO edgy tbh.


2. The Giant Logo - We really out here stanning a giant logo. What better way to announce your Bachelor of Arts degree than with an extra af pic, in front of a building on the other side of campus. So chic.


1. Outside the Quad - You genuinely can’t go wrong with an Instagram outside the quadrangle. Whether you’re graduating, announcing your university studies or dressing up for Harry Potter trivia - the sandstone walls are the perfect backdrop for Insta-clout. You’re welcome. 


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