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Career, Collabs & Creation: Conversing with... The Thundamentals

Career, Collabs & Creation: Conversing with... The Thundamentals

While the music industry has previously reacted with sadness and anxiousness in the context of today’s political and social climate, 2018 felt different.

Last year was the year of turning sadness into something more positive – something beautiful. So, while they did drop an album just the year before, it’s almost as if 2018 needed a project from the Thundamentals – Australia’s happiest artist in the hip-hop genre.

I Love You sees the boys more relevant than they’ve ever been before – though I think we all have a Sally in our lives tbh. The boys tackle social media issues and relationships – all while experimenting with new and improved sounds.

10 years in, the boys just keep getting better and better.

Two tracks into the album and you boys have already pumped out a lit house banger and a groovy hip-hop track. Who were your biggest influences for making this album and how have they shifted since Everyone We Know?

I feel we have always had quite a diverse range of influences in our music. Also, the songs are always involving of everyone in the group and collaborators which can influence in the creation. For Everyone We Know poncho and myself wrote all the music together for that album, I felt we were still making music the way we always had but poncho fit in really nice and was super talented so im sure that influenced the sound. For the new album, again, it felt like making the album was the same as we have always done. There was no said way to lead it or try for a new sound, we just kept creating new songs. Hopefully, getting better at what we do with time.. 

You guys are arguably the most talented rap-group in the Aussie hip-hop scene, are there any career milestones you’re working towards with this release or future releases?

I think the whole 10 year run we have had is just so huge, that the milestone is just being able to still survive out there in the music industry. We have seen people come and go for sure, and a milestone for me is to be able to continue to do this day in day out.

Do you have any advice for the students reading this whom are trying to break into the Aussie music scene?

I think there are so many ways to enjoy music. Do you want it to be a career? We are lucky enough to all share an equal passion in the music creation side of things. It took a long time until we were no longer having to work day jobs to fund our bands success'. This way made relatively easy by the fact we enjoyed the music. The creation of songs, learning about music, learning about the industry and travelling whilst playing shows. If your passionate and you really enjoy it, it should make things easier..

How did the Eves Karydas collaboration come about? What was the process like working with her?

We had all heard of her work and really liked her voice. It just happened that our management was able to contact her and talk about the song we had. She was travelling and working in London at the time i believe and we were communicating over the internet until she returned to Australia. She is super talented and the day in the studio recording with her was super chill. We have hung a few more times and love what she is doing!.

Are there any Aussie musicians you’re looking forward to working in the future?

ABoriginals, Camaflage Rose, Remi, Sampa, Jannah Beth and too many more.. its a crazy time for Australian music..


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