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A Definitive Countdown of the Most Influential Phrases Uttered Before the Song Begins

A Definitive Countdown of the Most Influential Phrases Uttered Before the Song Begins

Words by Haydn Hickson

8. “RedOne. Konvict. Gaga” – Lady Gaga (“Just Dance”)


Just Dance marked a new era in pop music. With electropop synths pulsating over an instantly recognisable rock-beat, Lady Gaga’s debut single was bigger than anything we could have anticipated. While normies may have mistaken the opening lyrics as “Red Wine”, Lady Gaga takes the introduction of her introduction into the popisphere, to acknowledge the people that got her there. RedOne (her label) and Akon (lol tbt) get a little shout out before Gaga utters her own name, which was soon to become a household one. Yasss Gaga.  It’s sad that Colby O’Donis doesn’t get a shout out though.


7. “Hey is This Thing On?” – Britney Spears (“I Love Rock & Roll”)


It’s rare that a pop-star can invent a genre. But Britney did, and it left us all shook. While today’s rock stars are embodied by Gang of Youths, Camp Cope and 5SOS, their careers wouldn’t exist without Britney Spears’ 2001 hit single, I Love Rock & Roll, which actually invented rock music. I can also confirm nobody used microphones properly until Britney tapped it to make sure it was on. We stan a competent queen.


6. “Am I Throwing You Off? Nope. Didn’t Think So…” – Nelly Furtado (“Promiscuous”)


Power play at its finest: this opening dialogue is full of twists and turns that’ll leave you gasping for air. As Timbaland is asked if he has been thrown off, he boldly and confidently replies “nope”. While this may have stumped listeners, Nelly Furtado comes in with the quick reply “didn’t think so” and bam! The power is back in her hands. How will the rest of the interaction go down? Well, you’ll have to listen past the intro to find out. Pure genius.


5. “You Ready?” – Beyoncé (“Crazy In Love”)


In 2003, Beyoncé released a single called Crazy in Love. Despite outdated lyrics such as “kind of hoping you’ll page me right now”, Beyoncé’s debut single became a worldwide phenomenon. The song has since been played at every single wedding since 2003, it’s been performed at two separate Superbowls and it’s even launched JAY-Z’s career. So, upon reflection, when Beyoncé uttered the question “you ready?”, the simple answer is “no”. No, we fucking weren’t.


4. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” – Spice Girls (“Wannabe”)


The human bodily reaction of “laughing” was, in fact, invented by popular British girl-group, the Spice Girls. The “laugh”, as we know it today, was first ever recorded and heard in the intro of their 1996 single Wannabe. Since then, it has been prescribed by Doctors to patients to fix all of their problems because, “laughter is the best medicine” (Science, 1996AD)


3. "Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and then see what we find?" – Harry Styles (“Woman”)

Harry styles.gif

The indefinite Netflix scroll is a discourse which is not often touched in pop culture, so when Harry Styles tackled the topic, it left listeners shook. The use of the diction “romantic comedies”, alludes to the fact that Styles perhaps narrows his selection down by genre. While searching “comedies” may not be as narrowing as searching say “Ryan Reynolds” or “Kate Hudson”, he is ultimately forgiven and could still, mother fucking, get it.


2. “Can You Count Me In” - Colbie Caillat (“Bubbly”)


While you may know it now as “3unit”, “2unit” or “General maths”, the mathematical discipline elaborated on by the Ancient Greeks was actually after Colbie Caillat uttered the phrase “can you count me in”. Since the release of this single, only a career in convoluted pure mathematics could explain Colbie Caillat’s sophomore absence.


1. “Jason Derulo” – Jason Derulo (“Watcha Say”)


Not even Jesus got a chance to sing his own name. You decide your own saviour.

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