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Seven Interviews that prove Tracy Grimshaw created TV

Seven Interviews that prove Tracy Grimshaw created TV


Sterling editorials, sensationalist footage and fiery interviews – all attributed to

A Current Affair heavyweight Tracy Grimshaw. Her hot takes - that range from the tenant from hell, concerned shoppers frightened about increases in grocery prices, the rebellious teen who needs to be stopped to the deadly welfare cheats – have earned her a reputation of infallibility.

Belonging to the same family as Gretel Killeen, Grimshaw has well and truly been crowned a feminist icon of Australian media. In 2009 Grimshaw rebuked celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s denigrating comments that she was an “old ugly pig” with a withering on-air editorial that characterised him as an “arrogant narcissistic bully.” It is not an over exaggeration to say that this right of reply laid the foundations for Julia Gillard’s 2012 misogyny speech. 

However, as the Australian equivalent to The Oscars’ Dicaprio, Grimshaw has never won a Gold Logie, dismissed to the shadows by the omnipresent Karl Stefanovic. With this in mind, here’s reminder of why we should be utterly grateful that she invented TV.

 1.    Bindi Irwin on Boys and Growing up

Even though Bindi Irwin was absolutely beaming the whole interview, Tracy opted for a tonal shift with Birdy’s ‘Skinny Love’ playing in the background. Tracy asked hard-hitting questions about schoolyard dating, while Bindi adopted an Avril Lavigne philosophy of “I’ve got friends that are boys and friends that are girls, so why make things complicated.” If only she knew.

2.    Interview with Dr Dolphin Expert Diana Reiss

Channelling a seasoned marine biologist, Grimshaw literally opens this interview with, “Now most people think of dolphins as just big fish…” 

3.    Matty Johns

 At the height of the NRL’s first major sex scandal, in 2009 Grimshaw stunned Matty Johns into silence – “step up and send a message to other players about this culture,” she said. Did I mention she was a feminist icon?

4.    Oprah!

Opening in a Camilla, Tracy is heading for Hollywood! First stop, Oprah Winfrey! Let the fight over middle class audiences begin! Or even better – Winfrey/Grimshaw 2020?

5. Lady Gaga  

CLEARLY not a little monster, Tracy opens this interview by asking Lady Gaga “Can you wear that again?” I’m so mad that this interview was not re-created in A Star Is Born.

6. Joel Madden

Interviewing a wild punk rocker that lives on the edge, you would think Tracy would ask Joel take off his bowl hat just like Leila McKinnon forced Corey Worthington to take off his glasses.

7.    Kyle Sandilands 

There is so much to unpack in every moment of this 2013 interview. I lost it when a Facebook status popped up at the bottom of the screen – “Can’t stand this so called man. Hope you give him what he deserves Tracy!”




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