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Lady Gaga returns to her rightful throne with her new track ‘Perfect Illusion’

Lady Gaga returns to her rightful throne with her new track ‘Perfect Illusion’

Gaga’s new single only dropped a day ago, and it’s already only a few refreshes off 5 million views. Taking a few years off, the absolute powerhouse that is Lady Gaga was always going to release something phenomenal.

Check out the audio and wait with batted breath for the inevitably spectacular music video:

For me, one of the most anticipatory things about this track was the collaboration of Mark Ronson and Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker on both the writing and the production. Dropping 'Daffodils' in 2014, the pair have already proven themselves to be insightful creatives and compatible producers. And it is not difficult to pinpoint their distinct sounds.

If you were to listen to this song’s instrumental, it would indeed sound like a B-side plucked out of Tame Impala’s immaculate album Currents. Layered, complex, and all round ~groovy~, it is great to hear that Parker’s genius is being recognised on the world’s stage.

But the lady is her own artist, and not simply a singer on another person’s track. The vocals scream Gaga. They’re strong, they’re empowered, and they circumvent genre confines



Lady Gaga has been making waves in the music industry for about 6 years now, mostly due to her very progressive and futuristic approach, both sonically and politically. But this song feels more like an homage to the past.

The slightly strange enunciation of the chorus’ lyrics emanates some very Celine Dion or Cher vibes. Gaga gets us excited for the future of music, without forgetting the divas that have walked, or strutted, before her.

And Ronson’s 2 cents? The best thing about this producer is that he clearly cares so deeply for the artists and tracks he works on, that he does nothing too distinct with their sounds. He simply elevates their tracks. I have no doubt that it was Ronson’s involvement that bound the creative visions of Gaga and Parker together so successfully.

The track is good. It is nothing avant-garde or mind-boggling. It’s just good. Really good.

It's an absolute belter and I cannot wait to learn the words. In fact, it might be me single-handedly that gets the vid’s views up to 5 million. Because damn, who am I to disrespect the Queen?

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