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Ones to watch: the artists you need to know now

Ones to watch: the artists you need to know now


“Have you heard this song? It’s by-”

“Ugh of course I’ve heard that, are you kidding me? Do you live under a rock or something because that song has been out for months… I swear I actually discovered this band when I was in utero… like seriously…”

It’s a conversation we know all too well. We’ve all got that one friend whose taste in music is always far superior to ours, who’s heard everything before it’s even been released and who will probably try to convince you that they were there when your new favourite song was first written and recorded (don’t be that guy, seriously people).

Next time you’re facing this onslaught, don’t just suffer in silence. Get behind these trailblazers before they become too hot to handle and steal the spotlight from the resident ‘up-and-coming muso’ aficionado.

Warning: with great tunes comes great responsibility. Don’t go ahead and become that guy.




Listen if you like: Troye Sivan

Striking the perfect balance between immobilising you with a swift kick right in the feels and making you want to sing along at the top of your lungs, Thomston fuses heartfelt, pop-esque lyrics with slightly melancholic indie beats to create tracks you won’t take off repeat. Appearing on the scene in 2014 with his EP Argonaut, it’s only been upwards from there for the New Zealand native. His latest hit ‘Window Seat’ features an incredible collaboration from Wafia, on whose recent Australian tour he made his live debut. Without a doubt, you’ll be addicted to that paralysing voice from first listen.

Hot track: ‘Anaesthetic’



Listen if you like: Banks

Arguably far more widely known than the others who’ve made the cut after having her track ‘Clay’ featured on HBO’s Girls, HANA deserves her spot here all the same. Her sound can be described in no other way than hauntingly beautiful, the kind of stuff you can picture yourself mellowing out to after a long week. Her self-titled EP forms the perfect balance between easy listening and electronic genres, and is easily the kind of thing you’ll never get sick of listening to.

Hot track: ‘White’


Patrick James

Listen if you like: Hozier

From touring alongside the likes of Boy & Bear, Josh Pyke and Pete Murray, Patrick James has come a long way from his days of busking. If you’re into soft acoustics and soulful vocals, Patrick James will have you fantasising about dropping out of uni and spending your days roadtripping nomadically from beach to beach. If you’re still not convinced after your first listen to his debut album Outlier, check him out live later this month.

Hot track: ‘Message’


Xavier Dunn

Listen if you like: Matt Corby

What’s not to love about any artist who can take A$AP Rocky’s ‘Fuckin’ Problems’, strip it back to basic acoustics and still manage to make it rock? Having mastered the art of covers, Xavier Dunn’s latest originals prove that he’s no one trick pony. His vocals - strikingly similar to those of Chris Martin - when teamed with his electronic beats, place his tracks in a genre all of their own. If you weren’t lucky enough to see him opening at Groovin’ the Moo at either of his two consecutive appearances this year and last, be sure to jump on this bandwagon A$AP (pun intended).

Hot track: ‘Scattered’

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