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 We interviewed local legend DJ Levins

We interviewed local legend DJ Levins

DJ Levins is a local legend.

He’s a resident DJ at Plan B, part of Halfway Crooks, and known for his insane charity work with Heaps Decent, a charity that helps out underprivileged youth in NSW.

In between all that he orchestrates the hippest monthly 90s dance parties, has a cool podcast called ‘Hey Fam’, is a dad, a great cook, and photobombs (a lot).

Also, his mixes are seriously insane (personal fave is the NYE mix – wait for the Vengaboys, it’s the most euphoric high you’ll ever experience). From only seeing him far away at a packed venue and reading his hilarious posts on Facebook and Twitter, I’d imagined him to be quite intimidating. But it was nice to discover that Levins really is just a down-to-earth dude with sick skills and music taste.

I was lucky enough to catch up with him ahead of his gig at Manning tomorrow night. Here’s how it went down...

Suji: I’m a huge fan, I’ve been to your shows and I think you’re just awesome.

Levins: [Laughs] Thanks, I appreciate it.

Suji: So I’ve been checking your Facebook page and Twitter feed, and I saw you’re hosting the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society party at Plan B.

Levins: Yeah! I think now it’s way more acceptable to like Justin Bieber and shameless pop songs. When I was younger, it was important to only like different music to everyone else because your music taste was your personality. Now, I feel your personality is your personality and it’s not defined through music, so people don’t need to be as guarded about loving pop songs.

Suji: I totally agree. Especially when it comes to people who try to be hipster and cool and try so hard denying that they like pop music, right?

Levins: No one is hipster, and if you are, then you’re not. I don’t want to know you.

Suji: What are your thoughts on Goodgod being Plan B now?

Levins: I love that space. Jimmy and Hana ran Goodgod for seven years. I know what running a venue is like, how tolling it is managing a venue. I’m happy that Jimmy was able to part with the venue on the best terms possible and running it as the best venue possible. I think it’s the best venue in Sydney.

Suji: And the venue is still the same? Will we still get 90s parties and the same food?

Levins: Exactly the same. And I’m still going to be DJing there, seeing bands and DJs.

Suji: We know you love mixing it up and being diverse and creative. What are some different projects you’re planning for the year?

Levins: Well, I’ve just finished filming a new television pilot a few weeks ago. But I can’t tell you more! I mean television has always been an interest, I just haven’t focused on it as much as I should have.

Suji: You’ve been a vocal supporter for the ‘Keep Sydney Open’ campaign against the lockout laws. You even met your partner on the dancefloor at 2am-- a fact you’ve been very open about. Will you be there this Saturday for the other rally?

Levins: I won’t be able to make the rally this Saturday but I send my blessings and support. At the last rally I had my wife and son and dad there, so there were three generations of Levins, fighting for Sydney’s night life with thousands of Sydneysiders. It felt like a special party. The Keep Sydney Open organisation is important and the first to oppose the lockout laws in a well mannered and calm collected way, which is important when you have the fire of every newspaper pushing for lockout laws to be pushed forward.

Suji: So it was really a celebration of Sydney, rather than being angry and protesting?

Levins: Exactly and I got to DJ too. It was one of the best sets I’ve ever done.

Suji: I’m not going to lie, I know you’re a mad troll and you take the piss on your social media accounts, but you’re being really serious and real with me right now...

Levins: [Laughs] No-one needs to be serious on the internet, there’s enough people being serious.

Suji: So, what are you listening to right now? Have any recommendations for Pulp readers?

Levins: I’ve been listening to everything Future puts out...Yeah I really like Future – he’s already put out two mixtapes but he’s been consistent and he’s, if you’ll pardon the pun, futuristic inthe way he puts music out. If you want to hear what music is like in 10 years, listen to him now.

I’ve basically hit the point in my fatherhood-life where my son Archie repeats what he hears so there’s no more rap being played in the car. I listen to a lot of Sesame Street and Muppets so if your readers need recommendations for that then let me know haha!

Suji: Alrighty! Cool! I think I’ve asked you everything I wanted to ask!

Levins: That’s great. Actually, what should I play at my set on Thursday night?

Suji: A lot of dumb pop songs. 90s especially. Justin Bieber too...

Levins: OK, done. I’ll just make a stupid 90s set with a lot of dumb pop songs.

DJ Levins will be playing at the Backyard BBQ Start of Semester Party at Manning Bar on 17 March. Come along from 6pm for good food, tunes and company. Check out the event on Facebook.

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