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AUSPOL: who’s in, whos out and who’s still unsure

AUSPOL: who’s in, whos out and who’s still unsure


Australian politics have really pushed us to our limits this week, testing not only our patience, but also our memory, attention to detail and quite frankly; our intelligence.

For those of you who managed to miss the #libspill that originated on Tuesday this week, here’s a lowdown;

Tuesday the 21st of August: The beginning of the end for Turnbull

  • Peter Dutton decides it's his time to become Prime Minister, challenging Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, by calling for a Party room meeting.
  • Turnbull holds Party room meeting, going head to head with Dutton early on Tuesday morning
  • Votes are cast and Dutton loses 48-35.
  • Dutton resigns from the front-bench #putyourpotatoesout
  • As the day progresses, Michael Sukkar (Assistant treasurer), James McGrath, Concetta Fierravanti-Weels and Angus Taylor offer their resignations

Wednesday the 22nd of August: Calm before the storm

  • Dutton’s not the Prime Minister, we can all relax. But Malcolm has now lost key members of his backbench… The following MPs also tender their resignation:
    • Greg Hunt
    • Alan Tudge
    • Michael Keenan
    • Steven Ciobo
  • The Labor party releases legal advice that highlights Dutton’s potential breach of every politician's favourite constitutional section… section 44.
  • Turnbull calls vote for Dutton to be referred to High Court, for a potential breach of section 44 due to the money his wife received in government subsidies.
    • House votes 69: 68 against referring Dutton to the High Court
  • Dutton appears at various press conferences, and refuses to deny whether he will challenge the leadership again
  • Jane Prentice (Queensland Liberal MP) reveals to the Guardian that there is, in fact a petition circling through parliament to sign in preference of Dutton as leader

Thursday the 23rd: the wheels fall off

  • Early morning: Peter Dutton announces he now believes he has the majority support of his party – just two days after the most recent failed coup, and wants to challenge the leadership
  • Matthias Cormann, Mitch Fifield and Michaelia Cash all resign publicly, which essentially spells the end of the Turnbull leadership, opening the gate for Dutton
  • Half of the front bench is gone, leaving Australia with no executive
  • Turnbull cancels the parliamentary sitting in the House of Reps… until September 10.
  • Turnbull at a press conference, accuses the right wing of the Liberal party, of “internal insurgency”
  • Scott Morrison announces he will run as a candidate for leader of the party against Dutton
  • Julie Bishop announces she will run as a candidate for the party leader
  • Turnbull sets party meeting for midday on the 24th of August (next day)
  • Penny Wong pushes a no confidence motion against the Liberal party, which, if successful would call for a snap election
    • It fails.

Friday, August 24th: The final showdown

  • Turnbull is presented with a document showing the 43 signatures requesting a meeting of the parliamentary Liberal party.
  • Solicitor advice provides that Dutton is, in their opinion, eligible to sit in parliament and has not breached section 44, however they don’t know if the High Court may be stricter on them
  • Once whips approve signatures, Malcolm’s calls a cabinet meeting, held around 12.40pm
  • Having snuck his way through the drama, keeping a low profile – Scott Morrison emerges successful from the showdown, beating Peter Dutton 40:45
  • Josh Frydenberg wins convincingly as Deputy PM
  • 6pm: Morrison is sworn in.
  • Ministers are ~yet~ to be decided

Stay tuned for more updates…




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