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6 ridiculous reactions to the decision to axe the Tampon Tax

6 ridiculous reactions to the decision to axe the Tampon Tax

Words by Louisa Bochner

Today the government agreed to finally lift the tampon tax, much to the unanimous cheering of women everywhere.

But not everyone is so joyous.

Some very angry men have taken to their keyboards to express their discontent at such an outrageous decision, and I’ve collected the 6 best for you here. (If you don’t have a 20,000 word thesis due in a week like me, and really feel like grinding your teeth, go here to read the rest.)




A surprisingly large amount of dudes have suddenly become really concerned with men suffering from prostate cancer. Although, you know, these incontinence pads aren’t taxed either, hence the point of the whole debate, it doesn’t damper Camille’s hubby’s concern. Thanks buddy.  

Camille’s hubby gets points for tone though for engaging with the debate respectfully. You’ve got to give him that.



Ron on the other hand has an intense case of the “why not me’s’”. Ok, Rob, let’s say that these incontinence pads were indeed subject to GST (and in your mind at least, they have been up until now). Why haven’t you been out there campaigning against the injustice before now? Or maybe you have, and you’re a really good guy with concerns other than WHAT ABOUT THE MEN. Maybe you’re not just another whiny entitled guy who thinks this is a good chance to complain about his whiney average life.  Happy to be wrong, Ron. But what’s the internet for if it isn’t for misappropriating someone else’s argument?



Oh you bet I will Richard.  



I was trying to make a joke here but I’m tired and just rolled my eyes instead. Hope you did too.



 Eeeeeeeek! Above all else, using the word female describes the sex of an animal, not a real-life human being who may have a period. And as Buzzfeed eloquently puts it, “not all women are biologically female, and the conflation of "female" to "woman" erases gender-nonconforming people and members of the trans community.”


Also you’re assuming that what I want most in the world is to take the GST off g-strings? Right now I’d like a modaf and a back massage. C’mon R. Be realistic.



Although my thesis is due in a week and there’s a painfully large amount of work to do, I’m keen to spend a bit of time deconstructing this one with you.  

Josh is clearly not up to the job.

Sorry but do remind my silly female brain which job that is? The one of maintaining the status quo and keeping average white men in power? Look ‘CRISP’, don’t worry, I think he’ll be ok.   

Which mob of whiners will he try to appease next?

I think CRISP means us ladies! Us silly whining period-havers looking to gain some silly notion called equality. C’mon gals, you got the right to vote ages ago, would you drop it now?  

The ScoMo Govt has already made a few bad calls to appease sectarian groups eg separate Australia Day for indigenes. I’m not quite sure what this means? CRISP has taken one too many Vallies and lost direction of his argument a little.

This strategy will turn away the very voters they need to win back, but will do nothing to win over those who scream for exceptional treatment because they will NEVER vote for the Coalition

This one is a little confusing because he’s saying that removing the tampon tax will actually turn away some voters (like himself I presume)… putting them on the same side… as the… lefties? Look, I’m no political scientist, but in my book, two rights make a left, and I’m left feeling utterly confused.  


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