Make No Mistake: This Is Our Trump Moment

So how then did the Coalition gain so many seats, especially with such a strong swing towards them in Queensland? Essentially, they benefited from second preferences after huge swings to One Nation, Clive Palmer’s UAP, and other far-right minor parties. The election victory belongs, in essence, to them.

Class, Race and the Pro Choice Movement

I’ve come to see that the pro-choice movement, while nominally about choice, fails to facilitate the bodily sovereignty in a profound way. The pro-choice movement frames choice as the right to not have children, whether through contraception or abortion, but under-examines the right to have children. This neglect comes at the expense of marginalised people, most notably poor people, people with disabilities, and people of colour.

Women and Inequality in the Workplace

It’s 2019 and the experiences of women in the workforce are still significantly different to their male counterparts. Gender pay gaps, glass ceilings and sticky floors are still a regular occurrence for most women at work. In this landscape it becomes hard to imagine a job where an individual’s experience is not dependent on their gender. According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Australia’s national gender pay gap is currently at 14.1%.