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Why HR Recruiters won't respond to your e-mail

Why HR Recruiters won't respond to your e-mail


Mmmmmm Don’t you just love transition into Autumn? Crunchy leaves, warm coffees, starting new subjects with endless possibilities…
Nah what autumn reminds me of is GRAD APPLICATION SEASON.
As a soon to be Commerce graduate, this is the worst time of the year. Having gone through the application for internships the same time last year, I know this struggle street really well.
Stage 1. Online application form #yawn
Stage 2. Online assessment & psychometric testing – shout out to DeLoitte for actually having a fun one
Stage 3. The Video Interview – when you get to channel your inner Shani Grimmond
Stage 4. The assessment Centre – #dday2.0

Not only is the entire process of trying to plan your future by securing a grad job time consuming, it’s also straining on your studies. You’d think the HR department at these companies would make this process as seamless as possible. But NO.


After multiple attempts to contact them and follow-ups, I realised the problem was not them, it was me.
It sounds like I'm stressing, but the key is not to stress. It's not personal. Maybe that sounds obvious, but from the many other grad applicants I’ve spoken to, the tendency to take it personally is not an uncommon sentiment.
Recruiters get so many emails a day. So do yourself a favour and don't ask stupid questions. What I mean by that is FAQ check. Make sure you do your own research before simply asking them:
"To the CBA Grad Recruiter, what date do applications close? Kind Regards [insert your name here]"
“To the DeLoitte Grad Recruiter, when do grad programmes normally start?”
Asking these types of questions is literally a waste of your time. And even if you have a legitimate question that you are asking. Be reassured that there are 100 other grads bombarding the recruiter’s inbox with stupid questions, forcing your email to the bottom of the junk. 


So If this is the case, send a follow up email. Do not harass them by spamming them with emails. Instead give them a couple of days and then send a friendly reminder.
If it’s a life or death scenario, which is the case for most grad job applications, then give them a call. You can usually find their numbers on the grad application site or at the bottom of automated emails. The HR department is actually really helpful once you get a hold of them. It’s just because they are usually understaffed and simply do not have the resources to be replying to a 100 graduate emails. I’m sure these HR professionals are almost as stressed as we are.

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