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Movie Scene or Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

Movie Scene or Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

If you’re like me, and constantly scrolling down the dashboard of Tumblr in your free time, or to be more accurate, all the time, chances are that you’ll see some wild post that will make you completely rethink your perspective on life. For me, that post occurred on a fateful day one month ago, where it raised the question...What if the Shrek movies were in fact a Dungeons and Dragons campaign gone horribly fantastically out of control? It all spiralled on from there. Suddenly, Channing Tatum’s Caine from Jupiter Ascending was a disgraced Shifter Fighter created by someone who dared the rest of the campaign to call them out on a potential furry fetish. How to Get Away with Murder was the work of a frustrated Dungeon Master whose chaotic evil players kept hijacking the campaign to kill each other off. And of course, the entire first episode of Yuri on Ice was one failed perception and action check after another. Now seeing it’s nearing the end of semester, why not kick back and relax with a little guessing game of Movie Scene or Dungeons and Dragons campaign scenario?

If you’re completely new to Dungeons and Dragons, here’s all you need to know: it’s a game of chance based on roleplay, luck, and dice rolls (with a lot of different die), there are a lot of different races and classes, and you can learn certain things at certain levels depending on your race and class, and that you have to roll for certain actions, attacks, or for “checks” on your environment/material/other players/non-player characters, such as perception, stealth etc.. Also Nat 20 is the highest dice roll you can make on a 20 sided die, while Nat 1 is the lowest. Without further ado, here we go! Answers will be at the very bottom!

  1. 3rd Level Wizard learns 7th level spell.

  2. A group of outsiders inspire a group of workers to unionise for better pay, overthrow their bosses, and seize the means of production.

  3. Halfling rolls a Nat 1 for stealth while in a dungeon.

  4. Everything is a baking pun.

  5. A Cleric keeps getting battle spoils because of their fast writing speed.

  6. The main boss rolls a Nat 20 for perception whilst transporting the party to a dance.

  7. Halfling rolls a 19 for persuasion, only to discover that main villain has been rolling Nat 20s all along.

  8. Two human paladins consistently roll Nat 20 against a rat pack who keep rolling Nat 1.

  9. A dwarf rolls a Nat 20 to open a door and knocks out a cultist.

  10. Human ranger becomes a monk following shenanigans by a family member.

  11. Paladin preaches about love using drinks and gets a standing ovation.

  12. Human cleric somehow fails an Arcana check on an ancient book.

  13. The party as security guards, explore a sex dungeon.

  14. Thief steals a book which unknown to them, can actually be used as a tracking device.

  15. Human rolls a Nat 20 on Animal Handling to retrieve a magic item.

  16. Dragon breaks a nail attacking a party.

  17. Main Villain continuously fails Insight checks until a confrontation with party members occurs at a gathering.

  18. A horse is lit on fire and takes out everyone in the immediate vicinity, including its rider.

  19. Character’s backstory requires an extremely high Wisdom throw to unlock.

  20. A Rogue gets knocked out with a frying pan.




  1. Movie scene: Harry Potter series

  2. DnD Campaign

  3. Movie scene: Lord of the Rings series

  4. DnD campaign

  5. DnD campaign

  6. Movie scene: Spiderman Homecoming

  7. Movie scene: The Hobbit series

  8. Movie scene: Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle

  9. DnD campaign

  10. Movie scene: Star Wars The Force Awakens

  11. DnD campaign

  12. Movie scene: The Mummy series

  13. DnD campaign

  14. DnD campaign

  15. Movie scene: Cinderella

  16. DnD campaign

  17. Movie scene: 10 Things I Hate About You

  18. DnD campaign

  19. Movie scene: Bladerunner

  20. Both. Movie scene: Tangled

Want to learn more about Dungeons and Dragons? This is a fantastic starting point, and this is where you can play! Have fun!

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