UPDATE: Tampon Tax Has Been Dumped


For the first time since John Howard rocked a green and gold tracksuit, and proved that conservatives can pull off Adidas, the Liberals have proved me wrong.

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison revealed plans to remove the 10% GST from sanitary items on SATURDAY, following ongoing pressure and last month’s decision passed down from the Senate.

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Morrison called the tax an “anomaly”, citing the “frustration and angst” it had caused women.

"I can see it is a source of frustration and angst. Here's a straightforward practical opportunity to deal with it once and for all," 

- Morrison in an interview with the Saturday Telegraph.

Aside from the fact that it's not solely women who get their period, we’re not just ANGSTY because we have to pay more to menstruate. We’re angsty it’s considered as part of a ‘luxury’.

Especially when condoms and Viagra are considered necessary items. (Maybe to old male politicians they are? No judgement.)

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Anyway, admitting the “states have decided to hold onto the money instead of getting rid of it”, Morrison’s plan of action to remove the tax sees a request to state and territory treasurers signing off on the proposed changes at their annual meetings in September or October.

This will be the last barrier before the feminine hygiene product GST can be axed.

Mr Morrison's announcement comes just months after the Greens proposed a bill opposing the tax in the Senate.

Australian people spend around $300 million on tampons and pads each year.

Repealing the tax will see over 10 million people save $1000 over a lifetime on average.

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Source: GIPHY

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