Milo Yiannopoulos is on his way back down under


Notorious political commentator, Milo Yiannopoulos, is set to return to Australia later this year, despite owing the state of Victoria $50,000.

The controversial figure will be touring around the country with fellow conservative Ann Coulter, in a show that’s apparently “fearsome and fabulous”.

According to Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville, Yiannopoulos has a $50,000 outstanding bill, after riots at his last Melbourne show erupted.

Hoards of left- and right-wing protesters came to clashes outside the Melbourne Pavilion with the five-hour ordeal equating to the arrest of two people, along with injuries sustained to five police officers.

Pepper spray was used by police to subdue violent protesters, while rocks were launched at a police van.

It was a real scene.

Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY

There is no doubt that the concerns of police will be heightened in the lead up to Yiannopoulos’ return to Australia in November with shows announced for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

While the polarising figure has condemned the violence, he has said, “when people are yelling in the streets, it gets me off.”

Looks like he’ll be ‘cumming’ on these shores (ha, ha).

Yiannopoulos has been linked to Neo-Nazis in the past, present and no doubt the future, and was forced to resign as senior editor from hard right publication Breitbart last year after he seemed to condone sex between men and boys in a video interview with Joe Rogan.

Despite saying it’s “not that big of a deal”, he denied tolerating paedophilia.

He did claim to hate the Opera House, though, loud and proud. 

Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY

The upcoming shows will feature “Australian and British special guests” with Yiannopoulos claiming it has raked in $1.4 million and already sold more than 13,000 tickets. There will be eight shows across the five cities. We conveniently couldn’t find the link to buy them. 




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