Last weekend, the nation sat down to watch one of the most anticipated interviews in Australia.
Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion sat down with Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen for what was supposed to be a ‘tell-all interview’, worth a whopping $150,000.
Over 43 minutes, a number of bomb shells were revealed – rocking Australian lounge rooms to their core.


During the interview, Campion revealed that after the infamous “Bundle of Joyce” article was published by News Corp she was subject to “outside pressure” from people “within the parliament” to terminate her pregnancy.

 Source: Junkee

Source: Junkee

“They came to me, they said, you’re pregnant, you have to get an abortion,” said Campion, adding, “they said if you don’t, then they’re gonna come after you.”
When pressured to reveal the identities of these people, Campion labelled them “people who were supposed to be conservatives”.
Joyce described these unnamed MPs as “scum of the earth people” and labelled the Australian Parliament a “mad boarding school”.


On Monday morning, speaking to ABC radio, Veterans’ Affairs Minister and Nationals MP Darren Chester slammed Joyce for his characterisation of the party, although admitting he had not watched the interview himself.
Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Nationals, Michael McCormack, came to the defence of his party members, telling reports “the people I serve with are the finest people in regional Australia”.
Joyce made his disappointment towards Malcolm Turnbull known, labelling his public dressing down as “wrong”.


Whilst at times the couple seemed to be a strong unit together, there were a few moments of division.
When asked about labelling the paternity of the baby a “grey area”, Joyce said that was a “decision we made together”, with Campion quickly interjecting saying “I didn’t say use the words grey area”.
“I was deeply hurt by the grey area headline,” said Campion.


51-year-old Joyce began his affair with 32-year-old Campion when he was married to his wife Natalie of 23 years, with whom he shares 4 daughters.
The interview has been slammed by many across the media and political spheres today, with many unanswered questions still being asked.
The couple made it clear at the beginning of the interview that “not one cent” of the $150,000 payment made by Seven would be going to them.


“Everybody else is making money out of Sebastian… let’s take some of that and put it in a trust and he can use it for his education and his health,” said Campion.
Ratings wise, Sunday Night didn’t reach the high expectations set by Seven’s executives, failing to hit 1.5 million, instead plateauing at an average national viewing of 1 million.

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