10 Reasons Why Attending a Council Meeting Is Totally Worth It

  1. Watching Lord Mayor Clover Moore putting on her no-bullshit face when she asks the conservative Councillor to please elaborate how he thinks he has been misrepresented by the other side of the table is hilarious.
  2. It’s sad to see how minimal the power of the City of Sydney really is compared to the State Government. All they can do is talk about street signs.
  3. This will not stop the Councillors from fighting with all they have for their signs. Or whatever those signals really stand for. Which is influence.
  4. There are odd formalities. Everyone rises at the beginning and the Lord Mayor wears a chain straight from the middle-ages.
  5. Christine Foster is constantly on her phone. And she sneers at things other Councillors say.
  6. “Play the ball and not the man” is the most heard expression – and the accusation of not doing so is uttered by both sides of the table.
  7. Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Jess Miller has the sexiest voice.
  8. There are always disgruntled members of the public shaking their heads at x statement from the floor.
  9. Shouting “point of order” is the Councillors way of saying “I’m offended”.
  10. These people are elected representatives. It’s of utmost important that the public knows what they motion and vote for. Very often it will be contradictory do what the promised in their campaigns – so go and play watchdog. It’s fun. Just bring a snack. Or a bottle of wine. And lots of patience.
Pulp Editors