Is the Young Liberal Movement of Australia… actually cooked??

Words by Noah Vaz

This morning, the Young Liberal Movement of Australia posted a photo on Facebook in support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, with the caption “common sense has prevailed”.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 12.09.10 pm.png

I’m all for reason and common sense, but have yet to find any semblance of it in either Kavanaugh’s confirmation, or in the Young Liberals’ decision to post this. This is just straight up cooked.

For the record, the Young Liberal Movement of Australia believes that supporting the appointment of Kavanaugh they are supporting common sense. That it’s common sense to not believe sexual assault survivors… and to make those with allegations made against them… Supreme Court Justices….??? Sorry, I’m genuinely confused.

It’s one thing to be conservative — to believe in what their website states as core values of smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom and enduring institutions — however, what this post evidences is an interest in abandoning conservative principles in order to follow in suit with the reactionary right wing movement taking place in the US. This national movement of the Young Liberals is thus not even comprised of conservatives, they’re just idiots.

Backing someone accused of sexual assault as a “tremendous selection” does not in any way align with the values of conservatism they so tightly ascribe to.

Their own values statement quotes “WE BELIEVE IN SOCIAL JUSTICE in encouraging the strong and protecting the weak”. This very post fundamentally contradicts the notion of protecting the weak — silencing sexual assault victims, and incredibly brave women, for the sake of a “tremendous” man — and perhaps provides some horrifying insight into who they might consider the ‘strong’.

In the same way that right wing Republicans have lost their moral compass in order to tighten their grip on power (a power that will hopefully fall out of their hands in the mid-terms), does the Young Liberal movement of Australia mistakenly assume that in following this bandwagon, they too might gain the support of some voter base to join their movement?

Surely that’s just stupid, because the only people this post sides with is those accused of rape at college who want careers in high places later in life.

Sorry, but I’m still just so confused, with what the HELL is happening at the national branch of the Young Liberals of Australia.

Pulp Editors