Scomo x Squarespace drama


We have ScoMo. We have FOMO. But does ScoMo ever have FOMO?

The answer is YES. In fact, ScoMo has FOMO about ScoMo.

Today, our glorious and completely competent Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, forgot to renew his own website. For reference, we’re talking about And as anyone with mischievous tendencies would know, changing the message of an official website is not only all-too-easy with technology these days, but it can really transform the public’s perception of the organisation or person of whom the website advertises.

The only difference with Scott Morrison is that a significant portion of the Australian public already don’t take him seriously because his Prime Ministerial status only came about as a result of the implosion that were the internal relations of the Australian Liberal Party. This occurrence is simply the icing on the cake. And what delicious icing it is at that.

If you’re wondering how to further cripple the image of an Australian politician with $50, a laptop, and some time, just ask Jack Genesin.

Genesin posted his prank to Facebook earlier today and within a few hours, the post received an abundance of likes and shares.

 via Facebook

via Facebook

Gone is the profile of Scott Morrison’s work on his website. Gone are his press releases. What awaits the user upon a click of the website is now an image (the one above) that fills up the entire page, and a soundtrack with the rock song, ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’.

  Via: Google

Via: Google

Poor boy.

What’s even more ironic is that the song isn’t just about a lack of awareness, but also about adultery. Scotty Morrison is getting royally screwed by his Party, the Australian public, and by Jack Genesin.

Ultimately, ScoMo’s inattention to his website’s renewal date has now resulted in both his FOMO and ‘MO’ of himself.

PULP reached out to Jack Genesin for comment but have not received any response.

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