Interview with Real Housewife of Sydney Melissa Tkautz


“It’s been nine degrees in Sydney, I just hate it! At least the sun’s out this morning, thank god.”
Melissa Natalie Tkautz: model, singer, actress and mother of two, appears to be carefree and relaxed as I speak with her this morning about the release of her new single, The Key, and her time spent filming Season One of the Real Housewives of Sydney (RHOS). The forty-three-year-old pop icon with the flowing golden locks has appeared on dozens of television shows, over eighty magazine covers and is an ARIA award winner, and as we began to discuss her life after the wrap of RHOS season one, I became quite aware of just what a busy and hectic life she must lead.
Chatting about the debut of her new single, which she describes as “dance orientated” and “a little bit more pop-y than my usual dance tunes”, Melissa talks about how excited she is to be back in the recording studio and indulging her most nurtured passion, music. But for her it’s not all about the glitz and the glamour anymore, and singing about moments that are relevant to her is the most important thing.
“This is not about me being at a nightclub at three in the morning hanging out with my mates and stuff because I’m a mother of two, and that’s just not in my world anymore. You know what I mean? It’s got to be relevant to what’s going on with you in your life.”
“Performing is a lot harder now that I do have a family, but you just do it, you make it work and you do what works for you. The great thing about being an independent label is that you don’t have to answer to anybody: I release what I want to release, I don’t release what I don’t want to release. It just makes it a lot easier – obviously not easier financially, but easier for everything else. That’s why the Real Housewives of Sydney worked for me was because it was a fourteen-week shoot. I can’t do an all-year-round fifteen-hour day, I can’t do that. My husband works very long hours.”
As we come on to the inevitable RHOS segment of our discussion, Melissa starts laughing. I ask her if, despite being on a ‘reality’ television show, she ever feels like she’s playing a character. “No!” she says emphatically, “I wasn’t playing a character, I can’t speak for the other women, but for me, that was very much the real me.”
As we begin to touch on the more dramatic aspects of the season, Melissa demonstrates that she prefers to dwell on the more positive aspects of her relationships with the other Housewives, raving about the trip to Singapore that she and the ladies took. “It was a way that we could get to know each other a lot better, and we had a lot of laughs and it was really cool.” However, it soon became clear that there were a few moments of filming season one that Melissa was not exactly fond of.
“There are a few incidents – that I think are very obvious – that I didn’t like in Season One. Thank god one of them I wasn’t there for one of them. And then there’s the very last episode, I thought it was just all a bit much really. I would have liked to leave it on a bit more of a happier tone than it left on, but you know, it was what it was.”
However, despite the on-screen animosity, Melissa assures me that she and the other housewives are still very close off-screen, and have been throughout the filming.
“I spoke to Matty about five minutes ago, I spoke to Victoria last night, I spoke to Athena three days ago, so yeah we are close. Some closer than others, but there are definitely very nice friendships that have formed. I’m probably closest to Matty and Victoria.”
As our conversation was starting to wrap up, I asked her if there was anything about the housewives that RHOS audiences might not know.
“Maybe after a couple glasses of champagne I might remember!” she giggles.

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