FAKE NEWS: Australia Untapped Voter Base for French Election

As the French presidential campaign heats up, it appears that the National Front is attempting to court a previously un-tapped voter base: students at the University of Sydney.

In an unusual move by the nationalist party the Australian chapter of the National Front has mobilised and put up graffiti on the USYD campus in support of Le Pen, including prominent landmarks such as a staircase under the Parramatta Road footbridge. Pulp approached them for comment, but were dismissed in a message which claimed  Pulp is “a failing pile of garbage run by libtard cucks”. This was accompanied by a frog emoji, which is speculated to be  a ‘Pepe’ reference.

Australian chapters of the National Front have begun a campaign on USYD campus to post pro-Le Pen messages. Above is one such message, which has since been obscured by crosses.

Analysts of French politics consider this a decisive change in the nature of the election.

Jehan Frollo, a known contemporary of Victor Hugo and political analyst, commented that “students win revolutions, and in reaching out to Australian students in Sydney who’ve never been to France Le Pen is engaging a voter base left disenfranchised by French presidents who have ignored Australian voices”.

Emmanuel Macron, another candidate for the presidency, is rumoured to be responding to Le Pen’s strategy change by planning to take his brand to former French colony Canada - whose youth-friendly prime minister, Justin Trudeau, he has been compared to.

Marine Le Pen has proved unavailable for comment, as she is dividing her time between vodka shots with Putin and appealing to UKIP voters frustrated at the slow pace of Brexit.

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