EXCLUSIVE: Clive Palmer live tweets visit to USyd

Clive Palmer, prominent Queensland businessman and former federal MP, has live-tweeted a visit to the University of Sydney last Monday.

A photo outside the main quadrangle promptly followed his initial tweet, urging supporters to share and follow if they agreed that it was indeed ‘another great day’.

The day wore on, and as Palmer visited multiple Sydney University political groups, his feed became increasingly hostile.

He continued on his rampage against the media, taking on lesser-known student news publication Pulp Media.


Ever the poet, Palmer posted cryptic lyrics commenting on the prospective success of the republican movement in the face of the prestigious and monarchist-orientated St Paul’s College.

And of course, the day would not have been complete without Palmer’s trade mark farewell, this time bidding adieu to outgoing student political hack, Cameron Caccamo.


Pulp Editors