Alexi Barnstone


Alexi Barnstone is a Psychology and Philosophy major in a Liberal Arts and Science degree. He loves politics and sports, and gets extra excited when they intertwine. His favorite clip? Boris Johnson rugby tackling someone in a charity football match.


Haydn Hickson


Haydn Hickson is currently in his fourth and final year of his Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) degree, majoring in film studies and marketing. He’s an aspiring media professional who loves the Spice Girls much more than you do. He’s a presenter on-camera for MTV Australia, a presenter on the airwaves for FBi Radio and a marketing intern over at B.B.E. All this aside, Pulp is his number one priority, because he stans this publication more than anything else in the world.


Madeline Ward


Madeline is an Art History and English Literature student with an ambiguous graduation date. She likes thai food, feminist prose and angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion. Madeline has by-lines in Overland, the Guardian and the Sydney Morning Herald, but enjoys stirring the pot here at Pulp more than anything else.