BianKa Farmakis

PULP, to me, is like a box of chocolates. Every weekend, you can sit down on the couch and binge consume all the content it’s shared. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry. But most importantly, it can make you question what I’m contributing to society.

"Become more than just an ‘instagrammer with portrait mode iPhone images"

This year, as co-editor for PULP, I hope to carry on the tradition of provocative, ~edgy~ news while also making the content a more visual experience. Our university and our student world is filled with so many stories and opinions filled with life, and I hope to create a student media platform that captures those moments in as many words as it does videos and pictures.

If you want to capture moments in time, learn a new skill, or become more than just an ‘instagrammer with portrait mode iPhone images’, reach out and publish with PULP.

Noah Vaz

The modern day student journalist is someone who knows the world is going to hell, but naive enough to think they can make a difference - by informing us, making us think, re-think, laugh or even by just distracting us. If you’re brave enough to join this sometimes seemingly uphill battle, please write for Pulp. If you want to do investigative work, express your opinion, improve essential media skills or even just make shitposting memes, please send us your work.

"...Even if you don’t want to be a journalist, having published work is an undoubtable asset in any career you choose."

As a fifth-year (triggered) Media/Law student, I’ve garnered a wealth of experience in journalism, and unquestionable elitism - to the point of wanting to share that with new writers (the journalism, not elitism). Even if you think you’re the worst writer, we are here to help you grow your voice and give you real (and paid!) experience. Moreover, even if you don’t want to be a journalist, having published work is an undoubtable asset in any career you choose to pursue. I’ve got a particular passion for reviews and thoughtful comment pieces, so please reach out.

Sandra Buol

I consider myself a storyteller. But contrary to a novelist or a poet, my stories are based on facts. And let’s be honest: facts can be awfully dull sometimes. The latest budget report, the next council meeting, another election of representatives – none of these are very interesting most of the times. But contrary to the big polemic debates, it’s where politics happens. It’s where life happens.

"I consider myself a storyteller."

With Pulp I want to bring you the facts. And I want you to find them interesting. Or horrific. Or awesome. As long as I can engage you as a reader. If you come back and read another article, I did my job well.

As an international postgraduate publishing student, I would like to invite more of us to take part in campus life. Come and write for Pulp – there are a lot of issues that concern us and that should be discussed and debated publicly. We’ll give you a platform – just make sure you tell a good story.