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Pulp Attends the Marriage Equality Rally

Pulp Attends the Marriage Equality Rally


Today, Sydney made history as over thirty thousand people flooded the streets of the CBD to show their support for same-sex marriage in the lead up to the postal plebiscite, making it the largest gay rights rally Australia has seen to date. Alongside Tanya Plibersek, Sally Rugg, Alex Greenwich and a band of Daleks, Pulp was marching to call for marriage equality being a reality for all Australians. As revellers said from Town Hall today, "welcome to the right side of history".


Sydney's rally today was reportedly twice the size of its counterpart in Melbourne, with speakers and participants of the rally banding together to spread the message that marriage equality is less about changing the law, and more about "allowing queer people the dignity they deserve".

Bill Shorten was one of the highest profile speakers, addressing the crowds with an apology-laden speech:


"I am sorry for all the hateful and stupid things that have been said and are going to be said until we win marriage equality. I promise you that you will never walk alone."

A couple who were married in Canberra before John Howard's infamous choice to specifically make marriage "between a man and a woman" also spoke to the crowds, announcing that they weill be celebrating their tenth anniversary next year.


"Despite Australia's marriage laws, and political shenanigans, we are still married! By gathering here today, you wanted us to know that we deserved dignity as much as other couples. Stand with me, stand with you, stand with us, stand with marriage equality."


Well done to over thirty thousand people that turned out in Sydney today to show the Australian government that marriage equality is an important issue to all Australians, and congratulations to all of those who have already fought so hard. #voteyes

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