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5 things you should know before moving in with your BFF or S/O

5 things you should know before moving in with your BFF or S/O

Friends lied. Living under the same roof as your BFFs is definitely not the breeze the TV show says it would be.  IRL, Joey would’ve been kicked out before the second episode and Phoebe would be in a legal battle with Rachel after not paying rent.

Moving in with your best mates or significant others will be the most trying time of your relationship, and for many who aren’t ready, they’ll find they’ve lost their second halves - even if it is over a missing Tim Tam.
Before you call dibs on bottom bunk, here are 5 realities you should know about living with your best buds:



1. They will be bossy 

Figuring out is who is the most responsible one and this can  be a slap to your ego. Chances are, you might not the most adult one. The responsible friend is the person in charge of paying the bills and rent in time, getting in contact with your real estate agent and generally making sure you don’t get evicted. The responsible friend is constantly under pressure to keep things together so when they put their foot down when things are getting out of hand, ask yourself: “do I want to be evicted?”

2. They will be loud… 

Be ready for some sleepless nights not only taken up by gossiping, movie marathons and pulling assignment all-nighters - I am talking about those nights when the other has a certain “friend” and, sadly, you don’t. Sure, you may never be able to face your childhood best friend again after the sounds of them fornicating in the next room is burnt into your mind. But when the roles are switched and you’re having a Netflix n Chill sesh, you would hope your BFF is understanding that you have certain needs. So be a g8 m8, put in the headphones and crank up the Spotify and celebrate that your comrade is getting laid!

3. They will eat your food

When it comes to food, sharing is caring... but not when you have been looking forward for those two last tim tams you left in the fridge the night before because you knew you needed comfort after those essay marks were released. In times of high stress, even biscuits can start wars between housemates and do some collateral damage to even the strongest of friendships. To keep the peace, remember to replace everything you’ve eaten or at least cook a meal to once in a while to show your friend that they’re the Tim Tam to your hot chocolate.

4. They will be hard to study around

When most of the time you’ve spent with them are birthday parties and sleepovers, it can be hard for your BFF to understand that sometimes you NEED to study. Living with your best friend or significant other is the greatest distraction, and you’ll find it hard to say no to outings, a movie or a gossip sesh. But when it’s crunch time, the best thing can be to visit your parents or hole up in Fisher for a while in order to focus and get a decent mark in your assessment.

5. They will be messy

House chores and washing the dishes can easily become the worst nightmare of your friendship. Simple tasks you would’ve been happy to help out when you weren’t housemates can become the bane of your existence. Without setting strict schedules for chores, something as small as forgetting to take out the trash can send your friendship into the danger zone.  

Having a conversation and setting some ground rules may seem like you’re asking your BFF to sign a pre-nup, but I guarantee it will save your friendship over and over again.

Friends didn’t get everything wrong - living with your best buddies can be the best thing in your life. Who better to share your roof with than the people who have been there for you through good and bad?

There definitely will be times when a missing Tim Tam will send you over the edge, but at the end of the lease, you’ll probably decide to renew because you know life is still better with your best friend.

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