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Brunch places like Uni in case you start to miss it

Brunch places like Uni in case you start to miss it


It’s officially the last day of exams, and unless you are among the few that pulled the worst timetable possible, it’s time to set the precedent for semester break this weekend: by indulging in the first of many endless brunches. So whether you need to get your mind off waiting to see whether you passed any of the two subjects you did this semester or need somewhere to sit and stew about not being in Europe while you scroll through Instagram, one thing may hit you over this long weekend: how much you miss being at Uni to do absolutely nothing but sit in a café.
So, in case you seriously start to miss those four-hour lecture missing stints in Courtyard, or bitching about how much work you have to do in Taste instead of actually going to Lawbry, here are some brunch spots that’ll remind you of University.

For Courtyard Café, go to: Little Evie, 688 Bourke St, Redfern.


A glass case display of the days baked goods, artisan takeaway coffee cups and so much scandi-furniture anyone that boasts an ‘artsy’ or ‘anal’ aesthetic will love it. The hospital like white walls are made more warm and welcoming with the killer food selection, and the sub-par coffee is compensated for by the friendly staff.
What it lacks: No pizza/salad/pasta deals every day and no ‘Barista Worldwide’

For Ralph’s Café, go to: Barbetta, 2 Elizabeth St, Paddington.

Homemade Italian food, and encouragement to pay in cash (possibly for tax reasons). The staff also all look related and have such a family feel, you can’t help but love every second you’re there feeling like you’re eating a home cooked meal.
What it lacks: A Barista who also was a contestant on Big Brother in the late 2000’s. Yes, you heard it here – the Ralph’s guy was on Big Brother. We were advised not to link to his YouTube audition tape.

For Taste, go to: The Potting Shed at The Grounds of Alexandria, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria.


It has great fresh food, an “Instagram-worthy”, rustic aesthetic and it’s also filled so many arts/law wankers and fucking plants, you feel like you’re around the corner from the Law Library. Plus, there’s a huge parrot (or Macaw?) which squaks constantly, so it’s like a more visually stunning version of an Ibis.
What it lacks: Those judgemental waiters who hate you when you only go into the seated area for free water (sue me).

For Laneway, go to: Single O, 60 Reservoir St, Surry Hills.


A cramped but ~cool~ place, with a ~cool~ vibe and kind of exposed, kind of grey concrete walls with a limited but good menu. And also a gluten free menu, one of the few in the brunch vicinity.
What it lacks: Shit coffee, which is actually a great thing.

For the Wentworth Building Cafeteria, go to: Fifth Earl, 34 Morley Ave, Rosebery.


In case you want to be spoilt for choice, Fifth Earl is also next to a million other food things in the one vicinity: Zeus Street Greek, Messina, Black Star Pastry, and a huge food market in the middle of an exposed brick wall, converted warehouse.
What it lacks: Shit food, a shit aesthetic and every other negative aspect of Wentworth.

For the Bosch Building Café, go to: Three Williams, 613A Elizabeth St, Redfern.


Some underground, lowly-lit brunch place with uncomfortable chairs (but to be honest, unbelievably great food). It’s also filled with Rabbitoh’s players every other weekday from 11am, that pour in like Drew’s boys do for that quick coffee stop.
What it lacks: A bad menu and stale food. This place is actually great.

For Fisher Coffee Cart go to: any 7/11 near you.

Cheap and dirty coffee baby, available at numerous locations around you.
What it lacks: Dignity.

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