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If You Can’t Be Bothered with Both Fisher Or Courtyard

If You Can’t Be Bothered with Both Fisher Or Courtyard


While everyone on USYD Rants is fussing about people occupying spaces at Fisher without actually occupying the spaces, and others gushing about Courtyard, I’ve long ago discovered alternative spaces to study (or write assessments, because I don’t have exams – yep, do you hate me yet?). Don’t misunderstand me, I like Courtyard as much as anyone else. After another terrible session of a unit that’s not worth the incredible amount of money I pay for it (international fees here), their large glasses of wine for 15% off is often what is needed to save me in the moment. But the real work gets done somewhere else.
1. I need books around me
2. I love some chattering people
3. I want to be able to order a glass of wine.
So here we go. The top three bookstores/cafés to spend a few hours in. If you have better suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment. I’m still new to this city and keen to know more.

Berkelouw Books, Oxford Street

I’ve seen their book barn in Berrima and it was amazing. It’s where I want to get married, except I’ll never be able to afford it. The shop on Oxford Street is pretty cool too and it has a café upstairs with comfy chairs, a great view, a small but nice selection of wine, tasty-smelling food and cookies. They also sell great magazines, hipster bags and cool little gadgets. I got half of an essay done there in no time.


Sappho Books, Glebe Point Road

It’s been mentioned here before, mostly because it’s such a great place. Whenever I bought a book that turned out not so great, they will take if off my hands and give me a few dollars for it. I will then invest that money in a freshly baked brownie and a glass of the house red, sit down in the narrow space next to the kitchen or further in the back. I remember being there on a 41 degrees day and it was beautiful. Not so sure about winter days, but absolutely willing to give it a try. Also, the name. Sappho, the archaic Greek poet from Lesbos. It certainly hits home.


Ampersand Café and Bookstore, Oxford Street

Okay, I’ve only been there once and I’m not actually sure if they have wine on the menu. However, it’s the most gorgeous space, with piles of books up the walls, lovely second-hand furniture (I sat in an amazing leather armchair), and people speaking French (that was just that one time, but it speaks for a place I think).


Now, I hope you will stick to Fisher and Courtyard, because I don’t actually want these places overflown with people.

Good luck with exams!

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