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Best Ice Cream Spots Around Campus

Best Ice Cream Spots Around Campus

Words by Antoinette Radford & Bianka Farmakis

Considering we currently face a never ending heatwave, it’s safe to say that treating yourself to a desser as sweet and cold as that failed Tinder romance will be an option during STUVAC.
So we took to breaking the bank and our healthy blood sugar levels by picking the best ice cream spots around campus.
When the Fisher Library aircon breaks, you’ll know where to go…

For the arts/fine arts students…

Oh the perilous plight to find the trendiest thing not yet on the Urban List! We can’t promise to give you that, but as far as creativity goes, these are your hotspots for those between-essay-eating sessions.

Image credit: ALTSPC

Image credit: ALTSPC

Daisy’s Milkbar, Petersham


  • Distance from Schaeffer Library: 3.9km (50 minute walk, 28 by bus)
  • Address: 340 Stanmore Rd, Petersham
  • Definitely get: The ‘paint and eat’ pottery special
  • Best qualities: Every evening for $10 you can ALSO get pottery to paint while you eat and drink to your procrastinating heart’s content.
  • Worst qualities: It’s far - worth the time and calorie burn from walking across the inner west.
Image credit: TimeOut

Image credit: TimeOut

Doughbox Diner, Enmore


  • Distance from Schaeffer Library: 2.3km (29 minute walk, 15 by bus)
  • Address: 137 Enmore Rd, Enmore
  • Definitely get: The Big Bopper Sundae - the name does not disappoint.
  • Best qualities: It’s got an infectious, retro-50s/60s vibe, dripping in the rhetoric from the philosopher’s and feminist revolutionaries in your course reader
  • Worst qualities: This place is ALWAYS packed, so it's lucky they give you free popcorn while you wait.

For the language/INGS students…

Someone said a quote once about food and culture. We can’t remember it, but we can remember the flavours of world that are combined in these dessert joints around Sydney...

Image credit: Juggernauts

Image credit: Juggernauts

Haikiki Turkish Gelato, Newtown

  • Distance from Fisher Library: 2.1km (26 minute walk, 14 by bus)
  • Address: 1/63/71 Enmore Rd, Newtown
  • Definitely get: something fruity - the unique texture of this ice cream will make it creamy enough
  • Best qualities: has the most creative textures, and is handmade by the friendly Turkish staff!
  • Worst qualities: This place is dark AF and the sultry Sultan mood will make you ready for a night out rather than studying.
Image credit: NewsLocal

Image credit: NewsLocal

Pagoto, Marrickville

  • Distance from Fisher Library: 4.3km (53 minute walk, 20 by bus)
  • Address: 301 Victoria Rd, Marrickville
  • Definitely get: Any traditional Greek flavour with waffles - Western Oriental meats Western delight!
  • Best qualities: Everything is baked fresh on site, with over 30 flavours of ice cream at any time.
  • Worst qualities: It’s a trek and a half, but the Zorba can put a skip in anyone’s step.

For the law students…

Save the dry rhetoric for the courtroom, and indulge in something sweet. Honestly, what would you rather - your brain melting from too many TORTS exam prac questions or a brain freeze from a cone?

Image credit: TimeOut

Image credit: TimeOut

Saga, Enmore

  • Distance from Law Library: 2.4km (30 minute walk, 14 by bus)
  • Address: 178 Enmore Rd, Enmore
  • Definitely get: the options are endless, so pair whatever ice cream you get with one of the hand crafted pastries or cakes made in house on the day - worth that between CRIM prep insta-story
  • Best qualities: The decor, the beauty of each dessert, and above all, it gives the word TASTE a new meaning - less stressed out coffee orders, and more relaxed, sugar comas.
  • Worst qualities: You won’t leave. This place is a more beautifully lit, aesthetic version of the cone of silence, only filled with way more hope.
Image credit: GoodFood

Image credit: GoodFood

Cow & The Moon, Enmore

  • Distance from Law Library: 2.4km (30 minute walk, 14 by bus)
  • Address: 181 Enmore Rd, Enmore
  • Definitely get: special of the week - and at LEAST two flavours.
  • Best qualities: this stuff is fresh and labelled the best in the COUNTRY
  • Worst qualities: this ice cream is so fresh it melts faster than your lectures cite case law

For the science/engineering students…

The hours of labs are not an easy feat on a thirty degree day, when you’re in need of some ~fresh air~ and a sugar hit, head to these stores. As a famous physicist once said; Ice-cream is more important than knowledge.

Image credit: Habbo Quests

Image credit: Habbo Quests

N2 Extreme Gelato, Haymarket

  • Distance from SciTech Library: 2.2km (27 minute walk, 19 by bus)
  • Address: 43/1 Dixon St, Sydney
  • Definitely get: One of the current flavours on the menu; Strawberry and cream or Peanut Butter Oreo Sorbet.  
  • Best qualities: It’s the cornerstone of any ice-cream related instagram
  • Worst qualities: Unfortunately the Newtown shops closed down. Funnily enough though, the original Haymarket store is JUST AS CLOSE - and near the best Asian street food in the city. 
Image credit: Concrete Playground

Image credit: Concrete Playground

C9 Chocolate & Gelato, Newtown

  • Distance from SciTech Library: 1.1km (14 minute walk, 7 by bus)
  • Address: 199 King St, Newtown
  • Definitely get: Ice cream sandwich. This is definitely worth the trip to Newtown, and if you’re walking from uni, why not treat yourself?
  • Best qualities: With Nutella on tap, a wide range of ice cream selections and ice-cream sandwiches, this is the ultimate #treatyourself location 
  • Worst qualities: While C9 might melt your heart, the heat may melt your ice-cream sandwich…  

For the commerce/business students…

For some time-out from that group project (or alternatively - a group bonding session) you can enjoy the sweet company of a messina scoop to get you through the hours in ABS still to come…

Image credit: GoodFood

Image credit: GoodFood

Messina Gelato, Newtown


  • Distance from ABS Learning Hub: 1.2km (16 minute walk, 13 by bus)
  • Address: 262 King St, Newtown
  • Definitely get: If hours in the ABS has left you decaffeinated, the current Espresso yourself special is a sure pick-me-up. Or any special, really.
  • Best qualities: So many flavours, and there doesn’t appear to be a limit on testers…
  • Worst qualities: The nightclub style music in the store is a real fire-up for an extra three hours in the library. 
Image credit: Ben & Jerry's

Image credit: Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s, Ultimo


  • Distance from ABS Learning Hub: 1.3km (16 minute walk, 12 by bus)
  • Address: Broadway Shopping Centre, 1 Bay Street Broadway, Ultimo
  • Definitely get: Chocolate chip cookie dough in one of those sprinkles cones that cost an extra $40 but are so worth it.
  • Best qualities: It’s a classic for a reason.
  • Worst qualities: Why pay for just a cone when you can buy a pint and stay at home in sweatpants eating the whole thing in front of a ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ rerun like God intended? 


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