‘New’ Hermann’s is the place to be for students, not rock stars


The University of Sydney Union (USU) has almost completed its renovations of Hermann’s bar, and hopes that changes made will create a more “student focused space”, says Infrastructure Director, Alistair Cowie.
The USU hopes that the ‘new’ Hermann’s will provide an effective environment for Clubs and Societies to host events and activities, rather than the “externally focused, rock venue” of the past, says Cowie. The renovation aims to restore the bar as a place for students and societies, rather than a venue gig for bands.
Changes to the venue include the removal of the old stage, with the original Hermann’s stage reinstated.  
Whilst this stage is smaller in size and does not provide a backstage area, the USU believes it delivers “a better orientation and better supports the space for the intended variety of student events”.  
Prior to renovations the sound desk facilities at Hermann’s required a technician to operate for events.
These facilities have been replaced by a touch panel which “will allow students to control sound and lighting without the cost of a technician” says Cowie.
The USU aims for the refurbished Hermann’s to provide Clubs and Societies with “a space on campus to host activities that showcase and support their club”.
Tsingtao Brewery have contributed the bulk of the funds required in the refurbishment. The ‘new’ Hermann’s Bar will therefore largely be branded with Tsingtao advertising.
There have been no changes made to the Hermann’s beer garden and lawns due to a lack of funding, however according to Cowie there is potential for the implementation of AstroTurf towards the end of 2017.
An official opening date for the new Hermann’s Bar is yet to be determined.

Pulp Editors