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Twin Peaks X Messina Review

Twin Peaks X Messina Review


Warning! May contain spoilers for the first two seasons of Twin Peaks!

Diane, 11:59 a.m., May Twenty-second. 

Standing in line at Gelato Messina Newtown turned Double R Diner. I’ve never seen so many people line up for free ice cream in my life. Twenty one degrees celsius on a fine sunny day, despite warnings from the weatherman that we should be recovering from a three day downpour.  The excitement and anticipation can be felt throughout the line, and some finely dressed men in suits are being kept busy trying to keep folks from blocking the footpath and the neighbouring shop entrances completely, and the waitresses are walking around taking our orders. We have newbies to the series hurriedly checking Wikipedia to understand the hype, the binge watchers still recovering, the long time fans who have been waiting for twenty five years to learn the fate of Dale Cooper trapped in the Black Lodge, and just regular locals of the street wanting some free ice cream. Some reporters from media outlet Pedestrian are here too, as well as a few log ladies to promote the new season, so it’s pretty big deal, this event. Had the pleasure of talking to some of them; even held the log myself! Remind me Diane, to find out what tree those logs come from, they’re really something.


Ice cream I got was, uh, “She’s Dead, Wrapped in Plastic” (vanilla gelato with raspberry gel and a blueberry sheet), the other choices being “Damn Good Cup of Coffee” (donut gelato with coffee caramel and coffee crunch) and “Norma’s Apple Pie” (cherry sorbet swirled with shortcrust gelato and layered with cherry compote). Damn good flavour, Diane, if you don’t really have a sweet tooth like myself. The vanilla gelato overwhelmed the raspberry gel at times, but the flavour blended perfectly with the blueberry sheet. You could say that it worked as well as the partnership between Cooper and Truman.

Shame the spoon wasn’t sharp enough to cut through that sheet, it was a bit of a hassle trying to fit it into my mouth without risking my shirt. Other than that, Diane, I would tell you that it was well worth a stop and a taste. Unfortunately I arrived too late to try some limited edition cherry pie, which were only available to the first fifty in line for each session, but the pictures of it look delectable.

The most popular flavour seems to be “Damn Good Cup of Coffee”, which was described by a local as “transporting [them] back to the time of, with its crunchy caffeinated authenticity and what Twin Peaks [was] about”, by “bringing [them] to the trees”. Another lovely lady talked about how she was glad that she had gotten the chance to experience it before it sold out. So, heads up Diane, if you’re looking to try that “Damn Good Cup of Coffee”, go and grab it fast. Of course, “Damn Good Cup of Coffee” wasn’t the only flavour said to be “embodying the nature of Twin Peaks”. ‘Same was said about “Norma’s Cherry Pie”, since cherry pie was such a staple of so many diets in the town of Twin Peaks, and a recurring theme and icon that’s become associated with the show and its characters. All in all, good decisions all round in terms of the flavour selection, and taste too!


The RR Diner itself was a pretty small place, nice and intimate, with the Twin Peaks opening song playing on loop. The waitresses and counter staff were warm and friendly, efficient in their service, and happy to pose for pictures too. Remind me to send them a message of thanks Diane, they all really did a stand-up job.

In fact, I would say that the entire affair was very well done indeed; the line went by at a reasonable pace, the folks were all happy, the food great, and the spirit of Twin Peaks coming out through the flavours of the ice cream, the setting, and the anticipation of the steady crowd that trickled in and out of the RR Diner.  

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