We Reviewed the New Hermann's Bar and Wow


Hermann’s is very clean, and I don’t trust it. Similar to the closing and subsequent refurbishment of Bar Century (RIP) I feel as though it doesn’t work for the space or customer base. Hermann’s was great in its own sticky way, mainly because it was 80% smoking area and you didn’t really look out of place if you were drinking your beer straight from the jug.

I would feel bad drinking straight out of the jug now, mainly because the place is trying so hard to be fancy. The fit out isn’t bad, per se: the bar itself is nice enough, but the rest of the space kind of just looks like it’s been generated by a computer to look instagramable. It seems to be following the same aesthetic theme as Courtyard, and I understand why- Courtyard is pretty good, and wildly popular across every conceivable university demographic. I just don’t think that works for a bar with a legacy like Hermann’s.

The booze selection is decent: it’s a little basic, but reasonably cheap and fine for a customer base that is largely composed of students. The introduction of a cocktail list is interesting, with drinks at incredibly cheap prices ($12 for an Amaretto Sour!) , which of course I’m always here for, though again I feel like this is not incredibly suited to the venue. They’ve got a pretty good range of tap and bottled beers, which is all anyone really goes to Hermann’s for anyway. Also the staff are, as ever, absolute legends.

It’s retained the semi-usable tables and smoking lawn which was honestly always the best part of Hermann’s anyway, so fear not if your main reasons for hitting up the place have historically involved getting drunk and eating Unibros. It’s also gotten better lighting, which ruins the dank university bar vibe but makes you feel slightly less guilty for getting hammered after class on a weekday.

I think in time I’ll probably get used to the latest incarnation of Hermann’s- after all I only ever walked beyond the smoking area to get a beer anyway. It’s a shame that it’s followed the general shift of the USU toward overly clean corporatism, but at least we still have the outdated carpets and general grime of Manning.

Pulp Editors