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The Breakfast Club: where to brunch around uni

The Breakfast Club: where to brunch around uni

If you just got your timetable for sem 2 and it’s full of 9am starts, or you just need something to look forward to before a full afternoon of lectures, I have a little ray of sunshine to brighten your day. There are a multitude of brunch destinations both on and around campus. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it the prettiest meal of the day. As a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado (Bonsoy all the way) and lover of all things accompanied by smashed avocado, I feel I’m aptly equipped to offer you a selection of brunch locations to make those long uni days more bearable. Get your instas and VSCO cams ready.For on campus brunching:

Courtyard Cafe

If you don't spend more time in courtyard than you do in lectures and tutorials, are you really even an arts student? Tucked away inside the Holme building is this Scandi aesthetic gem. Courtyard provides guaranteed good tunes, good vibes and good coffee. And they do breakfast. The vegetarian breakfast perfectly balances all your brekky essentials (roasted tomato, grilled mushroom, pan fried kale, oh my!), and the grilled chorizo with roasted peppers on sourdough will kickstart your day. Courtyard’s signature ice tea makes an ideal companion to any meal, as well as their fruity smoothies and frappes. The only catch is that breakfast finishes at 10:30am, but hey it’s never too early for pizza.

Taste Cafe

There’s much more to Taste than just tasty baguettes. Easily located right on Eastern Ave and sheltered from the infamous USyd ibises, Taste Cafe is the perfect brunch catch-up spot when you’ve got a spare hour. The interior of the cafe harkens back to a fin-de-siecle French colonial cafe. The hanging plants and floral arrangements are a refreshing contrast to the industrial architecture of the surrounding New Law building. If you’ve already overloaded on baguettes in semester 1, the bruschetta is worth a try with fresh ricotta and a tower of tomatoes, and the french toast with bacon (yes it works), caramelized banana, maple syrup and mascarpone is sure to elicit looks of food envy.


Thankfully Laneway is known for its all-day breakfast, so you no longer have to be a morning person to enjoy some freshly baked waffles or perfectly poached eggs. If you, like most of Sydney, have an overwhelming obsession with all things Nutella, then Laneway has got you covered (tella balls filled with enough Nutella to get you through the rest of the year on a sugar high). Not to mention an abundance of muffins, cakes and cronuts for when you’re craving something sweet.

Abercrombie Terrace

As the newest addition to the USyd cafe scene, Abercrombie Terrace has made an entrance. Proudly sporting single origin roasters coffee, the cafe is always buzzing with students and tutors from all faculties. A vast selection of pastries and cakes will please your sweet tooth, while the bacon & egg rolls and breakfast burritos provide a heartier breakfast option. Abercrombie Terrace will make all those group assignment meetings seem a little bit more bearable.


For walking distance noms:


Nestled between vintage stores and bookshops along Glebe Point Road, cafe and brew bar Brewristas opens up to an wooden outdoor deck with vertical gardens and a real homely feel. Whilst Brewristas is known for their signature cold drip coffees, their matcha lattes are equally as noteworthy. The breakfast bowl and pearl cous cous salad will make you feel less guilty about all the nutella you consumed at Laneway, and the avocado on toast easily triumphs as a crowd pleaser - with added bacon of course. The long wooden communal table is the perfect spot for a squad brunch.

Deus Cafe

Not many cafes can say that they have customised motorcycles right next to customers sipping their morning coffee. The industrial feel of Deus Ex Machina’s cafe incorporates an edgey savoir faire that makes me wish I looked a little cooler taking embarrassing pictures of my food. The name translates to “God of the Machine”, earning the cafe the title of ‘God of the Brunch’. organic oat porridge, topped with hazelnuts, poached rhubarb and maple warms up any frosty morning, while the bacon and egg Roll with smokey tomato BBQ relish will have you rolling out with a full tum. The cafe also functions as a bar, so mimosas anyone?


For a brunch adventure:

Brewtown Newtown

Brewtown is a staple of any foodie’s breakfast list. It’s probably too far to pop by in between tutorials, but it’s well worth the walk if you have a couple hours to kill. Spherical lights line the counter top where warm coffee aromas filter out across the room. The hexagonal tiled communal table provides a mesmeric yet subtle backdrop for any food flat lay. While you’re there, order one (or several) of Brewtown’s iconic cronuts. You can’t go wrong with the classics like salted caramel or cinnamon, while lemon meringue and matcha berry not only taste fantastic but look it too. Treat yo self, we won’t judge.

Henry Lee's

A simple monochromatic sign is the only indication of the cafe along a small backstreet in Redfern. But a few steps inside reveals a wide courtyard with fresh brick walls and planter box trees, underneath a steel and glass awning allowing fresh air and sunlight to trickle in while simultaneously providing cover from the capricious Sydney winter weather. The clean lines of marble tables, polished concrete floors and high brick walls create a simplistic colour palette juxtapose the vibrant hues of the fresh ingredients, assembled with finesse upon custom ceramics. Easily the most photogenic breakfast you’ll ever find, with the “Avocado Dream” and “Push the Sky Away Porridge” resembling artworks rather than meals. Henry Lee’s offers a chai menu definitely worth exploring, proving that chai blends are just as interesting as coffee. I also made friends with a cute little bulldog on my last visit, so ten bonus points.

The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

Just a short walk down Abercrombie Street and you’ll be feeling like Alice in this tea-wonderland. Heavenly soft lighting, science-chic beakers as water glasses and hand-made ceramic bowls with colourful tea leaves adorn this tea-lovers’ dreamscape. The Rabbit Hole features pages and pages of teas, from the usual “Grey Rabbit” and “Breakfast Blend” to the more experimental “Kung Flu Fighter” and “Monkey Business”. Teas also come with sand-timers to ensure the perfect brew and the high-tech tea pots will make any other way of drinking tea seem archaic. If this is what the future looks like, count me in. Signature tea lattes are the liquid equivalent of “warm and fuzzies”, especially the “London Fog Latte” which can only be described as an early grey infused cloud. The PB&J-topped toast revolutionises the lunchbox favourite with peanut butter & cacao layered with fresh banana & raspberry chia jam, and an avocado smash to rival all avocado toasts adorned with a plethora of edamame and sprouts


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