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Kellogg’s x Kawa: a cereal experience

Kellogg’s x Kawa: a cereal experience


We all know the significance of breakfast – it continues to maintain its folklore status as the most important meal of the day, so it didn't surprise any of us at Pulp when we discovered a cereal café had popped up in Surry Hills.

About. Fucking. Time.

The Kellogg’s x Kawa collab was a transient food experience open from Tuesday 19 to Sunday 24 April. Created as part of Kellogg’s ‘Open For Breakfast’ campaign, the cereal giant was promoting not only its products, but also its transparency to customers. Their promotional website answers consumers’ queries via a team of staff based in Sydney.

But we were honestly more interested in the whole ‘getting to eat cereal allday erryday at anytime’ side of things.  

According to a Kellogg’s representative on site, the purpose of the pop-up was to show the many diverse uses of their products. In other words, you don’t just have to eat cereal out of the bowl (or, like all respectable adults, straight out of the packet itself). He described Kawa café as being crunchy-nut-orious for its healthy menu options, and so their alliance could be seen as two "polar opposites" joining forces. It was sweet, sweet music to our ears.   

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We expected that the sugar-laden, artificial creations on offer would draw crowds from the entire hip inner-city region, yet to our surprise there was no queue. But alas, this was a misleading indicator for the venue’s popularity; the full house was buzzing inside. The staff looked worn and shattered after a long week of serving breakfast and breathing in Corn Flake crumbs, while the food bloggers and cereal enthusiasts looked like they’d hit the goldmine of ‘grammable meals.

The creations at Kellogg’s x Kawa were innovative, fun and wacky. Items on the menu included Corn Flakes® chicken burgers, a gluten free kale salad featuring Special K®, Fruit Loops® cupcakes, or a good ‘ol bowl of your Kellogg’s favourite.

Despite being lactose intolerant, Millie ordered a Crunchy Nut™ cereal milk thickshake because, y’know, ~hard-hitting journalism~. Sweet, chunky, and sprinkled with their infamous crispy flakes, the drink was everything you’d expect it to be, and more.

Michael had a Coco Pops hot chocolate, which was hot and tasted like chocolate, thus satisfying the requirements of a good hot chocolate. A smattering of Coco Pops on top provided a nice textural experience that turned into a sludgy mixture when left in the drink too long. Some people may not have enjoyed this sludgy mixture. Michael did.

This was followed by a serving of Rice Bubbles® crusted French toast with bananas, maple syrup, vanilla bean ice cream and bacon. This feel-good dish snapped, crackled and popped in all the right places.The flavours worked harmoniously to create a one-woman mouth party that was so rich and filling, that she couldn’t get through the entire plate.

Michael, having eaten his own share of the bacon, then proceeded to finish off Millie’s meaty remains, despite his distaste for sweet & savoury combos. He should have been warned about this before he ordered the baked eggs with Just Right® couscous, which was hearty and filling but… just not quite right. Continuous findings of sultanas and apple pieces within the couscous led him fleeing towards his bacon as a last resort. Still, he appreciated the level of experimentation which had gone into the flavours.

Though its time on earth was short-lived, Kellogg’s x Kawa legacy will live on in our hearts and in our stomachs. Getting to explore the weird world where eating breakfast outside of its designated timeframe is totally acceptable was truly what dreams are made of. @MikeBaird, make cereal cafés a permanent thing, pronto.

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