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Guess how much scumbag scalpers want you to pay for a Burgapalooza ticket?

Guess how much scumbag scalpers want you to pay for a Burgapalooza ticket?

If you happen to be running out of things to be upset about in Week 5, here’s one for you: Burgapalooza has sold out its tickets.

In other words, you won’t be able to access the sensory extravaganza that is Sydney’s only burger + beer festival, to be held at Manning Bar next weekend. Unless, of course, you’re willing to fork over a sizeable amount of your paycheck and dignity.

The event sold the last of its tickets on Friday, 1 April (though we were really all hoping this was a April Fools joke), locking those of us yet to buy a ticket out of its gloriously greasy gates. The news was met with dismay from many of the 27,000 odd people who had RSVP’d to the Facebook Event hosted by Hashtag Burgers, an online Burger Bible whose slogan reads “I didn’t choose the chub life, the chub life chose me.”

And surprise, surprise - scalpers have taken advantage of the desperate pleas for spare tickets that have overrun the Facebook Event, with at least one dude inflating the price to $100 for two tickets, an increase of more than 500% from the original price of $9.14 per person.

Some, who presumably don’t have a disposable income have instead offered up their bodies (or those of others).

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However, shelling out all that moolah may be worth it for die-hard fans of mutant sandwiches and craft beers. The festival, originally scheduled to be held in Marrickville, had to be moved to our very own Manning Bar when the event went viral on social media, managing to muster over 10,000 “interested” clicks.

The impressive line-up boasts of Sydney’s best burgers from the likes of Bar Luca, the genius inventors of what looks like a heart attack between two pieces of brioche.

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If that’s not enough to clog your arteries, other headliners include Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Barrio Cellar and Bare Grill, alongside James Squire on the refreshments and a cast of Vinyl-only DJ’s to groove to as you digest all that meaty-hoppy goodness.


You can try in vain to nab a ticket by posting in the event, but you’ll likely be drowned out the the dozens of others attempting to claw their way into the festival by whatever means necessary.

Look, if you’re feeling like you’ve missed out on some burger goodness, here’s some food for thought: how many burgers can you even consume in 5 hours?

And hey, on the bright side, you’re sure to live 10 years longer than the attendees!

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