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Your fave brunch hotspot Laneway now has a ‘Tella ball shake

Your fave brunch hotspot Laneway now has a ‘Tella ball shake


Hidden in the labyrinth of Wentworth Building is the well-loved Laneway cafe, with its perfectly gooey poached eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce.

But instead of playing it safe I decided to try the new, limited-edition #trending delicacy…Laneway’s version of the ‘tella ball shake that is taking Sydney by storm.

I arrived late in the afternoon, worried that they may only serve the shake until 2pm like the items on their breakfast menu, but for those of you who stay at uni ‘til late you’ll be happy to know this shake is sold until closing time.

“One ridiculous shake for Jenna?” the barista announced, incredulously.

They may not have been excited about this new addition to Laneway’s menu but I sure was. I took my shake and ran outside to snap photos of it in peace (yes I’m one of *those*).


As with all Laneway thickshakes, it was rich and so thick with its 10:1 ice cream to milk ratio. Scattered throughout the shake were mini Malteaser-like balls that are sucked up into the wide plastic straw Laneway has provided (they aren’t messing around with disintegrating paper based straws here!), generating a crunchy yet creamy extravaganza.

For avid Laneway thickshake fans, don’t be fooled - the ‘Tella ball shake may look like your regular chocolate thickshake, but it’s much more sweet and dense.

But it was time for the moment of truth, the reason I payed $10 and why you’re still reading; the ‘tella ball perched on top of this sugar laden beauty.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 21.16.10.png

My first bite left me disappointed. The doughnut tasted sour and the doughy exterior feels stale in texture. I wondered if the sourness came from the use of almonds in the dough so I patiently keep munching away but it didn’t get any better. On the bottom of the doughnut, where the shake has soaked into the dough, it wasn’t as unbearably dry,  so perhaps it was an error in method and I should’ve patiently let it drown in chocolate milk a while longer before digging in.

At the centre of this doughnut is a chilled hard clump of Nutella. It tastes like… drumroll please…. Nutella (phew), so at least I wasn’t let down that count.

However, on a campus surrounded by three ‘Doughnut Time’ establishments, Laneway needs to lift its dessert game. With soft and light sugary dough and gooey Nutella that springs forth in abundance; ‘Doughnut Time’ is the victor in this battle for the student market.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.40.47 pm.png


TD;LR: For $10 Laneway’s Doughnut Shake is only worth a try if you love a good thick shake. Don’t buy this if you’re looking for the ultimate ‘tella ball shake experience. The doughnut will leave you disappointed with a weird aftertaste in your mouth.

*Laneway’s Nutella Doughnut Thickshake is only available for a limited time

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