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Uncle Tetsu's lesser known relatives

Uncle Tetsu's lesser known relatives

So you’ve seen a recent boom in tourists around Regent Place concerning a rosy cheeked old man stamped on a cheesecake. If you wanted to know what a cloud tasted like, this is probably the closest thing. Ridiculously fluffy and not overpowering cheesy tones are the sell markers of Uncle Tetsu and is why people are willing to get into the 4 row deep long queues which border all of Regent Place and wait up to 45 minutes to shell out $18 in cash for a round, golden Japanese cheesecake. And if you were to compare the experience of having an Uncle Tetsu cheesecake to a hug received from a family member, it would be the soft embrace of your plump aunt holding your head to her bosom.

What you may not know however, is that japanese cheesecakes are not a new thing in Sydney. There are bakeries which do indeed sell cheesecakes that taste almost exactly like Uncle Tetsu’s at much lower prices and with no lines, albeit also without a cute rosy old man stamped on top. Here are five:

1. Bake Kobo, Enmore; $4.50 Soufflé Cheesecake

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Having this is like an overly eager embrace of a step-relative, it’s not quite comfortable but I don’t mind it.

2. Tai Baan Bakery, Chinatown; $3 Hokkaido Cheesecake

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Where Savoy and Furama Cake Shop used to be (although it awkwardly still has the sign on the side), this bakery hides an Uncle Tetsu pauper.

3. Emperor’s Garden Cake and Bakery, Haymarket; $3 Cheesecake


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Here is a brother of Uncle Tetsu’s that no one ever knew about.

4. Bread Top; $4.40 Japanese Cheesecake

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This is the Uncle Tetsu relative who sold out and while it might be more like biting into cotton wool than a cushiony cloud, you will still be transported to cheesecake heaven.

5. Miho Japanese Bakery, Eastwood; $6 Japanese cheesecake


pasted image 0.png

THIS IS IT. UNCLE TETSU’S LONG LOST TWIN. The cheesecakes couldn’t be more similar.


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DIY Crumble is something no one asked for but we are so thankful for it anyway

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