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Delving deep into the couture and chaos that is the fashion world’s rumour mill, US Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour, has allegedly given Beyoncé “‘unprecedented control”’ over the prestigious fashion magazine’s most coveted annual iIssue.

 Beyoncé, Vogue September Edition 2015.

Beyoncé, Vogue September Edition 2015.

The tea – or in this case, Lemonade, – was spilt early TUESDAY, highlighting the Grammy-award winning icon would be posing for, writing and directing the cover of the September Issue, an annual landmark in the publications’ editorial calendar.

Better known for her bob haircut, large sunglasses and inspiration for the role of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Wintour is the Margaret Thatcher of the fashion world – an iron, Chanel-clad lady, gripping total creative control over the magazine since 1988.

 Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY

“Anna Wintour has given @Beyonce unprecedented control over the cover, captions, and photographer. Essentially, Beyonce is the editor-in-chief,”
— Journalist Yashar Ali in a Twitter post.

The prestige of the Septepmber Issue roots itself in its annual production of over 800 pages of new fashions, trends and most importantly, advertisers, tripling the size of every other month’s Vogue.

Set to release on August 14th, just when you thought Beyoncé couldn’t produce something more iconic moments than Lemonade, shutting down the entire Louvre with her husband, or snapping Blue-Ivy sipping a mocktail on a super yacht, her contribution to Vogue will boast several landmark achievement’s in the publications 126-year history.

 Source: Highsnobiety via  Instagram

Source: Highsnobiety via Instagram


While Queen Bey always pulls focus, her decisions are far more important this time round. Hiring 23-year-old African-American photographer, Tyler Mitchell, to shoot the cover, means he will be the first black cover photographer in Vogue’s history.

She’s using her influence to get this person hired:

 Source: COMPLEX


(what a snacc)

Examples of his work>>>>>

 Source:  @Tylersphotos

Source: @Tylersphotos


Cover stars of the fashion bible receive little to no input over their photographs – so that Ariana British Vogue cover of Ariana where she’s #nomakeup #nofilter was not the God Is a Woman singer’s decision to break her high-ponytail mould. Beyoncé will be the first cover star to have any say outside of a the standard forced tick of approval that’s usually received a week before magazines hit the news-stands.


Bey will try her hand at writing journalist prose, and not rhythmic lyrics, accompanying her shoot with long-form captions. Controlling her voice in the media has always been a staple of Beyoncée’s brand, considering she declined to give the standard accompanying interview to her September 2015 shoot, akin to the star’s private nature.

 Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY


Slightly more unrelated, but rumour has it that Stormy Daniels (an American porn star, stripper, screenwriter and director for anyone living under a rock) will be featured in either this September or October issue of Vogue, and shot by Annie Leibovitz (*swoon*).


The decision comes amidst rumours that 2018 will be Wintour’s final year as Editor-in-Chief. Will she finally say “‘that’s all”’ and usher in a ‘new era’ of talent to the Condée Nast publication? It’s a decision as unpredictable as Gosha Rubinchinsky’s next streetwear collaboration, but either way she’ll be sealing three decades of designer documentation with one hell of a bang.

 Source: GIPHY

Source: GIPHY

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