Met Gala 2018: One Sentence Reviews


Since 1948, there’s only been one way to welcome in the first Monday of May.
Every year we’re exposed to the Avant Garde aesthetics of high end designers across the globe, uniting together to celebrate the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s  “Met Gala”.
This year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”, and as Anna Wintour opened the pearly gates to our very own version of ‘farshun’ heaven, we took our annual dose of ‘couture communion’ with grace.
With an abundance of crowns and gowns worthy of the divine, plenty of YAAAAS QUEEN reacts were expected.
But for every shining Madonna (and yes, even actual Madonna), there are fallen angels who need to get themselves to confession stat.
Heavenly father, please forgive these sartorial sins.


As per usual, Rihanna is fashion goddess among mere mortals and this is also probably the closest The Pope will ever get to a Met Gala invite.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Even without the halo-to-toe glitter, Rosie would still look like an angel.

 Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Frances McDormand


 Source: Getty Images

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Versace mariachi band (minus the sombreros)


Winnie Harlow

*adds to Wedding Inspo pinterest board*


Lena Waithe

Aaaaaand we have a winner, Lena knows exactly when and where (and in what outfit) to make a statement.


Cynthia Erivo

Thought this dress was on backwards at first, but the choice of face jewels over necklace redeems it, what a LOOK.


Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart

Riverdale prom king and queen.


Amal Clooney

The Met Gala is as good a time as any for Amal to show off that she metaphorically and literally wears the pants in her relationship.


Anna Wintour

The patron saint of fashion is undeniably pleasant in this divine lil doily.


Jenny gets a big yes from me for this Ed Hardy themed peacock gown with built in shoulder pads and the secret to eternal youth.


Katy Perry

As a matter of public safety, this belongs solely atop a Christmas tree as an angel ornament.

 Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Blake Lively

Bow down to Blake for bringing a whole new meaning to “YAS QUEEN”, this dress is an inspiration to velvet curtains everywhere. 

 Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP never ages and also never disappoints – not only did she plan an ornate outfit, she built an entire cathedral and nativity scene on her head, that’s commitment.



Serious tooth fairy vibes but kinda dig the sundial headpiece (not sure about floating leg situation)



I can normally get on board with Solange’s weird and wonderful outfit choices, but all I can see is a Darth Vader vagina with BYO body-of-christ vino as a handbag.

Greta Gerwig

When you have the Met Gala at 8, but gotta churn butter at 9.


Lily Evans

It’s not a phase mum, edgy nun style is the real Lily – season 2 of the Sinner anyone?.


Jasmine Sanders

I do not know this person but what I DO know is that this is a sculptural masterpiece, did they build the entire dress AROUND her?! Does it move?!


Cardi B

Oh lordy lord this is a LOT, but Cardi B and her bub get 10 bonus points for commitment to the theme.

Donald Glover

Cool mauve suiting blah blah blah, look at the shooooooes.


Kate Bosworth

This poor lady has had someone pour champagne on the tippy top of her and it somehow turned into a frock like Cinderella.

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