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5 winter wardrobe tips to make Eastern Ave your catwalk

5 winter wardrobe tips to make Eastern Ave your catwalk

Listen up fashionistas!

If you're looking to graduate from that basic fur-lined, khaki parka of yours then look no further!

If you hope to get seated at taste, then look no further!!

If you wish to avoid a scathing review from the fashion police of USYD rants, then look no further!!!

So, lately on campus we’ve been seeing a little too much of this:

And not enough of this:


With winter sneakily approaching (like I don’t know when but it’s taking its sweet ass time), I've compiled a list of my top 5 “NEEDS” for the A/W16 campus collection… so you don't get caught out in the cold (or in humiliation).

1. Camel drama


No we're not talking about the latest series of the Real Housewives of the Sahara. Camel will be your best friend for more reasons than one this winter, bringing warmth to your colour palette and it won't stand you up in lectures! This look also really works for the cape-wearing trend, of which I am an avid supporter. To raise your luxe levels, don some serious fur linings. Added bonus: it can double as a pillow in Fisher.

2. Turtleneck treasure


Turtlenecks are great winter warmers, hickey hiders and style sprucers. With this baby, you'll get more compliments than you do class contact hours (but let's face it that's not hard for most of us). I took my own advice and picked up a beautifully knitted one at COS the other week, which is a good place to gain your winter's 'edge' with a Scandinavian twist. Pair with some simple jeans to bring some much needed chill to the styling situation. You don't have to be an art curator or COFA student to pull this look off, you just need the confidence and a vague idea about filmography.

3. Denim on roids


Denim jackets are a sure fire hit, but let's face it, they're much more aesthetic than they are functional. Screaming effortlessness, they’re a wardrobe life-saver on those days where you just can’t get your shit together - which is happening more often than not at this time of semester. Lamb's wool-lined jackets are back this winter and are definitely worth the coin, but if you can't loosen the purse strings, layer it with a lush knit for an equally chic winter look. (Rest assured vegans, they're generally faux).

4. Lush in blush

On everyday we wear pink! I don’t know who chose 2016 as the era of dusty pinks, but just shut up and everybody vogue! Get your Yeezy Season 3 on this winter with some muted pink sweats or a statement coat to liven an otherwise bland white top and jeans. If in doubt about where to acquire this hunny, head over to MAC and douse yourselves in their blush offerings, that’ll fix you up real nice and set you back several hundred dollars. Again, there is always room for fur here (yes, by this stage, you’ve come to notice that I’m obsessed with fur).

5. Stunning in scarves


Now I’m not referring to the little ratty string at the bottom of your ‘year 6’ era clothes draw, but a thick and beautiful number. A nice scarf is what Ariana Grande is to the music industry: necessary. You’re spoilt for choice with this one, with options for both your stingy and TITF spenders. They can once again hide that shameful hickey or tanning mishap, and are the perfect side pieces to all of the above outerwear. Add a pop of colour to your monochrome #OOTD with this scarf styling, which allows for several outfit changes in one day to keep your tutors on their toes. Also, will flail in the wind for your own benefit.

So if at this stage, staying on point seems like an increasingly impossible task, remember that it's really not. Just look to Pinterest boards for inspiration, contrast, and steer clear of Grandma's beige cardigan. Take these tips, make a trip to COS and strut down Eastern Ave like the catwalk it truly is!!

P.S. Can people stop wearing uni jumpers to uni? We get it, you go here.


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