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GOSS: These Are The People Running For USU Board in 2019

GOSS: These Are The People Running For USU Board in 2019

By Pulp Goss

Though Pulp Goss is more Omniscient Gossip Narrator than actual real life person, Pulp nonetheless acknowledges that editor Madeline Ward is a current member of Grassroots and former SRC Women’s Officer, and that editors Haydn Hickson and Alexander Barnstone have their own political views.

The days are growing shorter, the afternoons are growing darker, and a chill has settled across campus: it’s Board Season. Here are the 10 hopefuls that will be vying for your vote in May.

Zizheng Bai


Year: I

Faculty: Engineering & IT

Faction: Independent

Managed By: Jiashan Zhang

Colour: Orange

Zizheng Bai is involved in the USU clubs and societies program, and is an executive of a committee of Chinese Student Association. He is also a post-graduate student, which could be interesting for post-graduate representation on the board if elected.

Cady Brown


Year: III

Faculty: BPESS

Faction: Independent

Managed By: Nick Rigby

Colour: Light Blue

Cady campaigned for Lachlan Finch’s board election this time last year, and ran for SRC Council with Colleges for SRC in late 2018. Cady is involved in SASS and MADSOC, and is the secretary of the Intercollegiate Collective, as well as a Palladian Captain at Wesley. As a student of Wesley College, Cady is likely to find strong support from her College Comrades, as well as the growing base of “independent” liberals on campus.

Nick Forbutt


Year: III

Faculty: International and Global Studies

Faction: National Labour Students (NLS)

Managed By: James Newbold

Colour: Black

Nick is a USU die-hard, on the executive of SURG, SASS, MAHSOC, and a cast member in Queer Revue. He’s also the lone NLS councillor in this year’s SRC. NLS have had an unlucky few years in USU elections, though Nick, with his long list of C&S qualifications, is their strongest candidate yet.

Christina (Tina) Lee


Year: III

Faculty: Science

Faction: Independent

Managed By: Sarah Cutter Russell

Colour: Red

Christina Lee is a member of the Sydney University Medical Science Society. Tina’s involvement in the USU is extensive to say the least. Shew was the USU Volunteer of the Year 2018, is currently a Life Member of USU, was a member of the International Festival Committee 2018 and was an assistant Art and Music Director for Verge Festival 2017. She is also heavily involved with C&S.

Ruolin Ma


Year: II

Faculty: Commerce

Faction: Advance

Managed By: Daniel Hu & Yang Zeng

Colour: Light Yellow (TBA)

Ruolin is the current Student Housing Officer of the SRC, along with Benny Shen.

Tom Manousaridis


Year: III

Faculty: Law

Faction: Student Unity

Managed By: Liam Thomas

Colour: Purple

Tom is a seasoned Unity campaigner, having campaigned in the last two USU and SRC elections. As a member of the SHADES executive and a former Law Revue cast member he is well positioned to be a top contender for this year’s board. Unity are historically very successful USU campaigners, having two current directors on board and boasting the likes of Bachelor in Paradise Queen (and former USU President) Alisha Aitken-Radburn as alumni.

Benny (Yifeng) Shen


Year: II

Faculty: Finance and Marketing

Faction: Independent

Managed By: Jessie Ye

Colour: Royal Blue

Benny Shen is highly involved in both the USU and SRC, and is the current Student Housing Officer with Ruolin Ma. He is a photographer for the USU, meaning that he brings the unique experience of being a staff member, as well as a student, to the USU election. Benny is in literally a million clubs and societies, and is on the executive for the Sydney University Chinese Student Association, Chinese Culture Society and Soulxpress, making him one of the most qualified candidates in the running.

Ellie Stephenson


Year: II

Faculty: Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Economics, Environmental Studies)


Managed By:

Colour: Yellow

Though Grassroots have resisted the corporate allure of the USU for the last few years, their tentative re-entry with last year’s successful election of Maya Eswaran seems to have given them a taste for the glittering world of co-curricular activities. Though she is a member of Grassroots, Ellie Stephenson will be running with Switch backing, following a successful run for council with Switch for Workers Rights. Ellie is a successful debater, as well as the current SRC Welfare Officer, and will likely find large support in voting and campaigning from both the debating scene and the campus left.

Di (Eve) Wang


Year: II

Faculty: Commerce & Law

Faction: Independent

Managed By: Sonia Gao

Colour: Pink

Eve is a member of the Sydney University Law Society, China Development Society, and the Badminton Club. We stan a sporty queen!

Prudence Wilkins-Wheat


Year: III

Faculty: Law


Managed By:

Colour: Lime Green
Prudence is a relative newcomer to the game of student politics, though her participation in student activities and activism is extensive. Prudence ran on the ticket Switch for a Greener Campus in last year’s SRC elections, winning a spot on the council and executive. Prudence is heavily involved in Stop Adani USYD, Fossil Free USYD and the SRC Environmental Collective, is on the executive of the French, Italian and Writing societies, and will be assistant directing Law Revue this year. Wilkins-Wheat boasts one of the more impressive resume of participation in student activism and activities of this year’s candidates, and is likely to bring in a strong vote from a number of communities on campus.

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