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Considering Exchange? Here Are 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Considering Exchange? Here Are 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

By Mia Castagnone

1. You get to meet people from around the world!

Aside from meeting the locals,  you are guaranteed to make a network of friends from all over the world who are also on exchange! By the end of your term abroad, you will not only plan to revisit your country of study, but you’ll be visiting cities across the globe courtesy of your new friends. Your fellow foreign buddies will become your life-line while you’re on exchange and the partnerships you form will last a lifetime! Airbnb? Forget it.

2. You don’t know independence until you’re abroad.

From buying all your daily needs to navigating the city, to looking after your health, to trying not to get scammed because you’re clearly a foreigner, plus the stress that comes with not knowing the local language…. exchange definitely pushed you outside your comfort zone! But, the independence you gain is something you can’t get anywhere else.


3. Go a whole day in a language that is not your native.

There is nothing more thrilling than the experience of waking up and going the entire day using a language that is not your native tongue. If you haven’t been in an environment like this before, it is certainly an experience worth reaching!


4. Open Your Mind

Your mindset is going to be challenged in a way you never would have anticipated. Suddenly you are in an environment that has one distinct culture, one rich language and one people- a very different cultural experience if you’ve grown up in Australia. Let the experience of being in another country open your mind and broaden your horizons.

5. After opening it, heal your mind

As you immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture, it’s time to forget about all the dramas and worries you left back home. Everything is suddenly put into perspective when you go abroad when you are surrounded by an entire new community.  You’re living alone, you’re surrounded by people everywhere but you are entirely out of your comfort zone nearly all the time and everything you thought you knew about will be challenged. Any tea left back home will cleansed from the mind.


6. Get credit points.

Most exchanges allow you to gain credit points. Whether it’s for your core, major or electives… GET THAT BREAD! It is required to do a whole 24 credit-load abroad, but honestly, it’s the most exciting way to work your way through your degree ever! Or if you aren’t able to go a whole semester, try one of the many short-term exchanges!

7. Have a bloody good time.

You’re going to have fun. No doubt about it. It is basically the gap year you never had. For a couple months, enjoy the freedom away from lock-out laws and Sydney’s crazy-high prices for everything.


8. Uni Merch.

Not to mention, do not come home unless you are bringing a branded bomber jacket to flex that exchange back home.

9. TRAVEL!!!

The exchange doesn’t end when the semester does!! Before heading back to Oz, explore the other regions of the country you are in! In Europe or Asia? Why not do a connector flight (or two or three) to the countries next door! There’s no reason why a 4 month semester abroad can’t become a 6-7 month adventure! You are basically taking a gap year but your degree won’t being compromised!



Okay so, “you only live once” (Drake, 2011). Why not up your skill set by learning a language and going abroad. It is the one skill that is never going to be outdated. You are one simple application away so, JUST DO IT! Paris? London? LA? Tokyo? Where are you planning on heading? Check out the Study Abroad website for all the possible exchanges! 2020 Semester 1 exchanges open soon! So do your research and don’t hesitate to apply!

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